: We Week Ended :

This weekend was FULL -- full of lots of work {as in cleaning, cleaning, organizing & cleaning} and lots of fun...here a photo collage of what we did for most of the weekend.
: Picture explanation starting from the top left :
  1. skillet pancake my boys made on my new cast iron skillet {got that beauty for Christmas}
  2. table set for our date-in-home on friday night along with the movie "The Beaver"
  3. boys helping prepare breaky with daddy
  4. robson street on Sunday night
  5. new candle burning to try and rid the house of the garlic smell; we had friends over on Saturday night and all cooked together...our house {and us} smelled like garlic after - oy!
  6. dessert from date night downtown @ milestones - SO good!
  7. darth :: what I woke up to on Sunday morning
  8. super cute orange chair from milestones downtown
  9. my new coach purse from seester - love it!
  10. mr.L & I on our date night downtown {thanks M&D for taking the kids swimming!}
  11. the lander rover founders show on Saturday afternoon
  12. cloverdale agriplex where we spent Saturday afternoon
  13. italian kitchen for date night on Sunday night-- pretty much the best food I have ever had. no joke.
Happy 2nd day of the week ;)
Happy Monday!


1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

Looks like a great weekend had by all! And hooray for date nigts whether they are at home or out on the town!

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