: My Boys Room :

Happy Thursday Lovelies!!! Only 2 more days and we'll be at the weekend, is it just me or are the days of the week just getting shorter and shorter!?!?

I love home decorating and love to see what everyone else is doing with their home so I thought I'd take you upstairs in our new 'lil home...

We're now at the stop of the stairs {our room is to the right of where I was standing to take this photo}. This room is quite large, like 9x15ft and yes, they share a room again in this house...really no need to separate them {yet}.

The bed you see first when you're looking in the room is Cole's - Jacobs is on the opposite wall.
Details from their dresser - super fun "name trains" that Grammy&Grampie got them for Christmas as well as their piggy banks cause they are saving up for Disneyland ;)
Here's Jacob's bed with his favorite stuffy -- I help them make their beds, it's a tough go in the morning to get the beds all made, but it makes this Mama feel SO much better when all the beds are made and pj's are put away.

Oh, and I got these British flag pillows from HomeSense the other day on the clearance shelf for $9! I had literally just been looking at some on Etsy for triple that price, I could NOT leave them on the shelf - they were all mine! And to boot, the boys think they are SO great - ahh! I love the splash of red we have throughout the room, and I have some old chairs that Paul's Mum is giving us that I think I'm going to paint red, just to add another little splash - so fresh, so nautical *Love!*
Here's a direct view from the foot of their beds. See it's a long and narrow room, no trick photography here!
Each of the boys have a small basket on the bedside table that keeps their most valuable items, here's Cole's:
And this is Jacob's; the items continually rotate through day by day, but I find it gives them a sacred place to store their treasures so they are not spread around the house and so that they don't end up fighting over them!

Here's Coles bed with his London Bear---they got these from my dad when he went to London during the Royal Wedding {lucky bum!} and both the boys ADORE their bears!
Artwork above JJ's bed
So as you can see there is TONS of work yet to be done. We have not touched this room since we moved in, so the color is original and quite yellow so I can't wait for it to be gone-zo!

I'm hoping to have it painted by the end of February as well as the play room {more on that later}

I have a few ideas mulling around in my head {insert Pinterest!}and can't wait to make them reality..but for now this is what it looks like.

Hope you all have a great day, Thursday is my home day and I can't wait to come back from dropping JJ off and get more organizing done, my linen closet is still lingering on my "to-do" list and it's driving me nuts!

Plus I have a new work-out DVD that I can't wait to break in! Have a good one!


Lisa B. said...

Looks like the perfect room for two little boys who a brothers and best buddies! I love the pillows on their beds - great find! And the pop of red on a chair would be a great accent to the room!

Shawna said...

Thanks Lise, it works great as they do not need to have toys in their room, so its really just for changing clothes, reading and sleeping, or having a quiet time *ahem* playing separately - ha ha!

I hope the MIL wont freak out if I paint them red, she was just going to give them to sally-anne but was having difficulty doing so since they are antiques, so I said I would take them ;)

Cant wait to make the room more boyish with paint etc.

Are you going to post your girls room with their new bunk beds -- I hope so, can`t wait to see it!

Christy said...

I love that your version of "TONS to be done" is my "Dang, I wish I could finish a room like that!".
I'm curious what color you're thinking of painting it!

Stephanie Jean said...

Absolutely love those pillows! Their room looks so great! Can't wait to see the rest of your 2nd floor:)

Shawna said...

@Christy: the pictures give you a false sense of reality. The walls have tons of holes in them from previous wall hangings as well there are some serious paint spots on the ceilings. But yes, it's not in horrible shape, just needs some funky paint and maybe a bit more texture and I'll be happy ;)

@Stephanie: it's coming! next on the list is our games room that is currently cranberry in color - it was a teen age girls room before...but oy vey! ;)

Kristin said...

Saw those pillows at HomeSense and am so happy they went to your home... they are scrumptious! The room looks amazing!

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