: It's FEBRUARY! :

In posting my salted caramel corn recipe yesterday I completely ignored the fact that's it's February -- ha ha --oh well!

We're not big Valentines celebrators, yes we do the typical cards&candies to friends and Mr. L and I plan a date night out in and around {but not on} Valentines day.

However, I've found since the boys have been in school all these little "Hallmark Holiday's" are really quite the big deal! So we did some crafting yesterday and turned our little house into a fully decorated Valentines home..well maybe not SO decorated to some, but to me the little perk of pink is quite the injection of color in my little beige, white & gray world ;)
Here's the few places we decorated
My little shelf above the phone and my lap top in the kitchenThat's it for the V-day decor, I have a super cute frame I made with scrabble letters, but I can't seem to find it -- ha ha, not quite as organized as I would like to be in this new house!

And last but not least, the winner of Tuesday's giveaway is....drum roll please....
Congratulations K - I'll send it out to you via snail mail!
{ps. each of you had your names put in a hat and the winner was chosen randomly from my little 4 year olds hand ;) we play fair around these parts}

Now I'm off to see if I can find the rest of my Valentines decor that's still missing and maybe organize a room or two...should be a good day! I love Thursday's they are one of my few "home" days and I plan to make the most of it!

*Oh! And I have yet to deliver my little blessing for this weeks "52 weeks of blessing" so tomorrow I'll share that with you as well as what I did last week :) -- Now go bless the socks off someone, you know you want to!*



Lisa B. said...

Yay Kristin...there couldn't be a mama more deserving!
Love the V-day decor...super fun and yes, that's a good bit of color for you ;-)
Enjoy your home day!

Kristin said...

NO WAY!!!!!!
That is just the funnest happy surprise to my day! Thank you Shawna...and little sweet 4 yrs hands that pulled my name out of the hat!!!! Seriously, such a fun surprise! Thank you!

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