Movie Review :: 27 Dresses

:: As I said in my earlier post I went to "27 Dresses" tonight with a whole gaggle of girls (sans children, yes what a concept!). I had a wonderful time, Lisa B. picked me up and we headed to the theatre, got our tickets & snacks and headed into the movie. I think Lisa counted and there were 15 girls in our gaggle...what a fun excuse to get out and giggle (with maybe a few snorts for good measure) :::: As for the movie; it was cute...I wouldn't say "oh you have to go see it" but I would recommend taking the time out of your life to spend a couple hours in la-la land enjoying some good comedy relief and some crazy dresses! I think my most favourite part was looking at the apartment Katherine Heigl lived in, they did a great job of the set ~ I loved it! ::
:: James Marsden did a great job of acting and I felt that it was truly a perfect role for him :: :: And Katherine is wonderful. I fell in love with her acting on Grey's and I have yet to be let down, she embraced the role of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" and yet it was never a bad thing to her, which made it all so sweet ::
:: Afterwards we enjoyed (and took over) Starbucks and visited late into the night, okay so we were the last ones to leave, but heck what do you expect when you let a whole bunch of "housewives" out of the house? You don't think we're going to return do you??? ::
:: Thanks to Lisa for planning this gala event...can't wait till the next one so we have another excuse to escape the daily routine (not that it's so bad it's just nice to have a little vacation) ::
:: Oh and thank you Paul for taking care of the boys and letting me out of my cage ~ You are a good man my love! ::

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Christy said...

Hey Shawna....appreciate the review cause I've been wanting to see that and we are going out next week for v-day with some friends and are wanting to see a flick. So glad to hear that you had such a good time. What a wonderful hubby you have!

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