:: Ed's 'No Number' Birthday ::

:: This past weekend we enjoyed a night out celebrating our friend Ed's 'No Number' birthday -- the party was at there house and was a surprise ::

:: We were to be there by 7.15pm as it was a SURPRISE, but someone {no names mentioned} made us late...grrr! Anyway, we were walking up to the house at precisely 7.15pm when a white car pulled up behind us, Mr. L thought quickly and pulled us into the neighbours driveway and we pretended like we were walking to their house. We then waited for the surprise to go down and then joined the party. Ed said immediately, was that you walking up the street? I recognized the back of your head, nice, and then he thought that's kinda dumb, why would Shawna be walking up our street?!?!? The he thought how great is that our neighbours never go for walks...they just fight - HAHHAHAH!!! ::

:: Here's Trista & her only sibling Tanya - now they both have a little girl each ::

:: Here is Grammie with the little grand girlies watching a movie ::

:: Papa with one of the grand girlies, watching the white elephant gift opening ::
:: Trista {master party planner} getting the beautiful cake ready to present to Ed, she had days of planning all this behind his back, including baking the cake ::

:: Happy Birthday Mr. Ed - So glad we could celebrate your day with you..and glad it turned out to be a surprise! ::


Lisa B. said...

Great job Trista - the party was a huge success! And here's to another memorable birthday bash with an entertainng game of Apples to Apples to wrap it up :-)

Our little Pumpkin Seed said...

Thanks girls for all your help. It was a great evening but I couldn't of pulled it off without you and my mom.

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