:: Do you know how much I LOVE Target...not necessarily Target the actual store, but their online store -- more specifically their clearance section ::
:: I need, okay maybe need is a stretch - but I wanted a new black purse for this winter that would accommodate the extra little necessities of life with 2 kidlets and so last week I hopped onto www.target.com to see what they had in their clearance section and this is what I found ::

:: It cost me a whole $8.74 and with tax, shipping & handling it came to just shy of $14.00 - such a deal! ::
:: Actually you may recognize it from an earlier post this summer, because I have the exact same one in white - but my thought is if you like it, it works for you, then get it in every colour...okay maybe not every colour but black and white will do just fine to get me through the seasons! ::
:: A big THANK YOU to Jord & Linds for picking it up from Hagens for me! ::


Jennifer said...

So cute! We spent a few hours a target yesterday and I was floored by their prices. I couldn't believe how cheap diapers, wipes and most other baby necessities were.

Kori said...

I love it!

Nickie said...

I LOVE target!!!!! Good job on getting a good deal.

Canadian Kristin said...

Dude! When you find the deals like that....order 3 and sell 'em to us jealous types!!!

Jennifer: I, too, have noticed that diapers are a STEAL at Target....and a CRIME in Canada!!!

Nickie said...

Hmmm.... no post today.... does that mean baby is coming??? I hope that your doctors appointment went well today.

Shawna said...

Jennifer, I cannot believe that you don't go down there more often, with 5 kids and all!

I pay $12 less for the same amount of diapers at Costco in the States as I would get up here....I don't know about you, but that is a GREAT savings in my books!

I love Target for their baby wash and kids meds...they are so cheap!

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