:: Still in side ::

Well that's the truth of it, this baby is still inside of me. I'm feeling okay, I really can't complain!
We had a bit of a scare on Sunday night so I called in back up (aka Paul's Mum) to come to the house while we went to the hospital to have a test strip done on the baby - everything was perfect, I'm dilated to 2 - 3 cm, soft and 80% effaced. So you would think that the baby would be progressing at a rather fast rate....WRONG!
But that is okay, God has this little one's birth date and life already mapped out which is so cool. So who are we to question his intentions or plan?
I covet your prayers while we're in limbo with the arrival of this little life.
I'm off to Costco with Jacob and My Mom to see if we can walk this baby out!


Laura said...

sounds like your body is doing lots of the prelabor for you, which in most cases (speaking from years of working in the doctor's office)means your actual labor will be much quicker, and dare I say "easier"?? anyway, hang in there - I know what late babies are like, and each day feels like forever!

Keri's Collage... said...

Maybe baby #2 wants to share a birthday with my daughter :)

Charlene Witt said...

Hope you got some good deals at Costco like I did....

Great seeing you, oh and by the way, I was so distracted by my lost child that I forgot to say...You looked great! Loved the hat and scarf, nice touch to the outfit :-)

See you at the hospital...soon I hope.

Christy said...

We are praying for you and can't wait for that phone call! See you (and the new one ) Sunday.

Canadian Kristin said...

November...only two more days til November...you can do it!!!!

Shopping therapy....definitely the way to go!!!

Praying for you!

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