:: New Shoes & The Bun ::

:: So I have been searching (for a couple months now) for a cute pair of shoes that I can slip on with pants or a casual skirt and today I think I found them...well I bought them so I guess I did find them. I have to say I have searched high and low and these were not specifically what I was looking for but I think they fit the bill. I can tell you the price was right on, I paid $19.97 @ Walmart ::
:: Here is the bun as of today - My Mom came by to take me out shopping to Costco and Walmart and when she arrived she came bearing the cutest hat and matching scarf for me...thankfully she remembers what it feels like to be this pregnant and her gift was just the pick me up I needed - Thanks for thinking of me Mama! ::


Coby Jordan said...

aww you look awesome Shawna! Love the shoes, hat & scarf!! You'll have to check out my pics on facebook, we had a similar idea for pumpkin carving this year!

Nickie said...

Love the hat and scarf! You look wonderful!!!! You are nearly there!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

Only a few more hours til midnight.......hang in there!!! You look FABULOUS....good call on the gifties Mom!!

Keri's Collage... said...

cute shoes...cuter hat and skarf...cutest little bump ever!

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