:: Warm 'n Cozy ::

:: The drapes are up! And I love 'em ~ It took me a while to get used to having something on either side of the door but they have grown on me and I love being able to close out the world at night! ::
:: Here are a few before and a few after pic's ~ the night we put them up we thought that there wasn't enough substance to them due to the window being so large, so my parents ended up buying us another set as a gift (you know those "just because" gifts....gotta love it!). So thank you Mom & Dad ::

:: I have yet to put up the second panel but hopefully I will get them pressed and hung today ::


Laura said...

Lovely - warm and cozy is just right! Love how you hung them so high too!

Lisa B. said...

Yah for "just because" gifts....such a great blessing.

Canadian Kristin said...

Amazing how drapes can completely enhance an already beautiful decorated room! Looks warm and cozy, just right for the fall weather...and for cuddling your newest little bundle-soon-to-arrive!

Jennifer said...

Looks nice! Thanks for the idea...I went to JYSK and bought sheer drapes to replace our pink poyester/wool drapes in the dining room. I paid $9.97 per panel and it makes the room look good as new!

Shawna said...

Awesome - Glad you found a great deal Jennifer!

Homemaking can be so fun when you get great deals!

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