:: On this very Fallish Day ::

:: All I really want to be doing is sitting on the couch with a huge fire going with a cup of hot something-or-other and reading this ::: I got a bag full of books from my friend Laura last night as I have read all of the books I own and most of the ones that I'm interested in from the Library multiple times. So I couldn't resist but crack the bind of this Karen Kingsbury Classic last night...I'm already 1/4 of the way through ::
:: However after I post this I am going to continue on my "quest to nest" and finish up some invoicing for Paul, do some filing, hang some pictures, finish the laundry and maybe even make a batch of cookies ::

:: Have a Wonderfully Blustery Day! ::

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

Hey, that reminds me...I think I'm still waiting for books from you.

Glad to hear you found another good read...I know you've been itching to get your hands on one.

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