:: Did I tell you??? ::

... I am a horrible Mother - Okay maybe that's an exaggeration!
If I could have taken pictures of this memorable event I would have however time did not allow.
The other day Paul was home for lunch (which is quite uncommon) and I had just put Jacob down for his afternoon nap.
We didn't hear anything from him until we heard the loudest bang echo throughout the house - I, in my very pregnant way run okay maybe more like gallop up the stairs to open Jacob's bedroom door to see his dresser on it's side with him squished between the top and bottom drawers.
What do you do first pick up the dresser or remove the child? Well, thankfully Paul was right behind me so I picked up the dresser and he grabbed Jacob....don't ask me why I got the heavier part of the deal!?!?!
At any rate, we soothed the shocked child - then we dicsiplined him for getting out of bed and for standing up in his drawer. Poor kid didn't know what hit him...well, truth be known, we don't know what hit him - the only marks he had from the whole traumatizing event was a mark on the corner of his left eye. For everything that fell on him: books (6), lamp, radio, basket of diapers, wipes and a tray he came out rather unscathed!
So after the discipline, a cuddle and a new sippy cup we put him back in bed. A few minutes later we hear him in his bedroom so I go upstairs and the kid is in his drawer again! So we discipline him again and remove the drawers so we don't have a repeat performance. We're first time parents and slow learners - obviously!
Since this event his drawers have been sitting on the floor and we haven't had any trouble with him getting into anything in his room, or even out of his bed....however he has now started to climb our shelves in our bathroom, does it ever stop!?!?!


Laura said...

nope - never stops! at least not for a while anyway! oh the joys eh? and good thing he went unscathed!

Jennifer said...

Glad he's ok!! The joys of a big boy bed!! Xavier ate a perscription bottle of rash cream off his change table within the first few days of being in a big boy bed. We had to call poison control but luckly it wasn't too harmful. I learned my lesson...
PS. Maybe look into getting brackets to attach his dresser to the wall?

Canadian Kristin said...

Oh NO!!!! Not a "climber" ..sorry about that! Might I suggest that you ever-so-quickly have Paul screw the bookshelves to the walls of your house!!!

Shawna said...

Oh yes, we simply don't have book shelves and we will not be investing in any until the kids are well grown or trained!

Lisa B. said...

I just recently had an incident like that at our house....I'm thankful that the girls were not playing together in the bedroom at the time and it was only Madelyne - who somehow with her cat-like reflexes jumped out of the way of the dresser as it was falling. Gesshhh, can you say heart attack?!?!?

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