:: Home-making ::

:: Since I am expecting this baby any day now I have felt the need to add more "home" to our house ::
:: We have a huge sliding glass door in our family room (almost 8 feet across) and currently we don't have any window dressings on it. Putting a blind on it would cost far too much plus I really don't like blinds. What I really want to do is install double french doors out to the patio but that isn't in the budget either! During the summer to warm up the porch I hung these drapes that cost me all of $20.00 from JYSK http://jysk.ca - They did exactly what I wanted them to do, but now with winterizing our yard and everything, those drapes are going to come down until better weather comes around again.
:: So yesterday I went out in search of new drapes that would suite our ever-so-large window :::: This is what I found @ JYSK for $80.00 (taxes in and a black basket for toiletries in our washroom) not too bed eh??? ::
:: The rod assembly cost $18.94 - I had to buy two rods to make enough length to cover our window ::
:: And I got these two panels that will give us privacy from the outside when pulled shut. They were $24.00/pannel. I have never had grommets in my drapes but I have always loved them...so I'm happy that I have them as I think it suites the room - Thanks Mom for bearing with me and helping me make my drapery decision! :: :: I'll update ya'll once I get them up - hopefully tonight :) ::


Jennifer said...

Those look nice! I'll have to have a look there. I am in the market for new drapes for our lare kitchen window. OUr landlord brought us some pink wool/polyester curtains that just aren't quite my thing!

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like you found a great deal.....can't wait to see what they look like.

Kori said...

can I offer a piece of advice re: french doors? We had them in our last place (now my sisters place), and although the look nice and are great to open up when you have company etc... the downside is that the only option for a sceen is a retractable. Not a bad idea but very pricey for double french doors. A good idea to add that to the cost of the overall project.

Love the drapes in the pictures, looks so cozy out there!

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