:: Date Night ::

:: Here we are just before we headed Downtown for our date night :::: We got stuck in horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE traffic on the way into town -- It was great for taking photo's but not so good for our plans :::: We had reservations @ The Stone Grill for 5:30 pm but unfortunately we didn't make it into town until 6:30 pm (we left home at 4:30) so we decided to go to the Imax first as we didn't want to rush dinner :: :: We had an hour to spare before heading into the Imax, it was the perfect excuse to have a Starbucks treat! Any excuse is a good one for Starbucks in my books! :::: Here we are lookin' ever so cute in our 3D glasses :) ::
:: We enjoyed an incredible dinner at the Stone Grill - you choose your entree and they bring it out as it's cooking on a piece of lava granite...it was so cool and delish! Paul had steak (gag me) and I had stuffed chicken...he said his was amazing - I believe him, cause mine was awesome too! ::

:: Thanks Jordan & Lindsey for the fabulous Christmas gift - we truly enjoyed it! ::


Jennifer said...

Looks like a blast! Thank you for the reminder of how important date nights are. It has been a few months since Carl and I have had any time to ourselves. You have inspired me to plan something for us on Friday!

Canadian Kristin said...

Looks lovely and fun......traffic jam sans kid(s) is always a great opportunity to just "be" together!
Dinner sounds yummy!

Nickie said...

Sounds like an amazing date night!! So glad that you guys were able to get out for a fun night before the baby comes.

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