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Look in the scroll of the Lord and read.
~ Isaiah 34:16
I once heard a preacher say,
"Your children may not be reading their Bibles regularly, but you can bet they are reading you."
Ugh! I sure hope they weren't reading me the other day when that lady took my parking spot at Wal-Mart.
Just an interesting tid-bit from my daily devotional:
Daily Wisdom for Mothers
by Michelle Medlock Adams


Canadian Kristin said...

Ain't that the truth! My kids "read me" all too well...often I find that my "bad day" becomes THEIR "bad day" which then makes more work for me as I now have myself and four other stressed out people to try and get back on track. The phrase "cry out to the Lord" is about the most accurate in those situations.... eek. If only I could remember this all BEFORE my kids "read" me! :-)

Candice said...

So true!! Jonah always tells me to "just benax mamma!" That is when I have a reality check and realize things are not so bad after all. It's very sobering coming from a 3 year old :)

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