:: White Christmas, What are you hoping for? ::

:: Jacob truly enjoyed a better portion of the production - it was past his bedtime but he was entranced with the music and the dancers - here he is sitting on my lap enjoying the show ::

:: On Sunday night we took Paul's Grandparents, Mum & Dad, Brother & Mum's friend Rita, to the production at our church - It was written and directed by Ben Wylie and I thought he did a good job. There were a few things that could have gone smoother or been more refined but I think for his first production he did really well. My favorite part of the production was the ballerina's lead by Natalie Heard....that girl has amazing poise and never ending arms
and legs ~ She is just stunning! ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

Wow....the set looks beautiful and I can just imagine how lovely and serene and peaceful a ballet would have been for Christmas! Wonderful!
For Christmas, I wish for contentment and for peace for us all.

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