:: Wish List ::

I don't need anything for Christmas -- however if I were to get a few gifts these would be on my **wish list**
The coats are from Old Navy and the boots are from Aldo (they are called Juditha). Sorry I couldn't get the picture any bigger - the website wouldn't let me :)


Canadian Kristin said...

Will you be my stylist?!?!?! I hope Santa brings you the beige coat and those boots, I can already see you in them!!!! SEXY!!!

Lisa B. said...

I think Shawna's taking a cue from Justin and trying to "bring sexy back" for all the moms out there.

I'm sure Mama Jo will hook you up!

Canadian Kristin said...

Lisa B.........you SO TOOK the song right outta my head!!! Shawna, you DO bring sexy back!

Shawna said...

Does that mean I have a BIG sexy back aka bum??? Just kidding - thanks for the cuddos ladies...I tried the coats today and they are on hold as we speak :)

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