:: Our Little Jacob-Deer ::

:: My Mom & Dad bought Jacob this little outfit, now if you know anything about me it's that I don't like patterns or figures on kids clothes...I just think it's dorky! But for some reason I think this outfit is so cute...maybe it's because the riendeer isn't a cartoon character!?!?! At any rate, I had to take pictures of my little "Jacob-Deer" ::


Jessi said...

What a "Deer" he is, and such a big smile! This Christmas is going to be so much fun for you all! I have to agree about all the characters on kids clothes...I vowed never to put Halle in any Winnie the Pooh outfits, but somehow one of them managed to make it's way into her closet, and I have to say, it's adorable...classic pooh of course! Have a super blessed day!

Lisa B. said...

I love Jacob's Christmas PJ's!
I second the "no characters on children's clothing" ban that we've got going on here, but, I think it's the colors in this one that make it work.

Merry Christmas Jacob-Bean, we love you!

Canadian Kristin said...

He is too DEER to be "dork-ified" by ANY outfit!!! What a cutie pie this boy is! I can't wait for all the fun this Christmas will bring your family!!!

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