:: Jacob loves Santa ::

So we gave it another try last night - this time we arrived at 6:45 pm in hopes that we would get a chance to sit on Santa's lap...
There was a lovely young girl (kay, that made me feel old) but she was 17 or 18 (see she was young) standing at the end of the line telling the excited children and parents that they may not get to see Santa tonight. Very good, thank you -- we appreciate that. So we set ourselves up to be turned around yet again. However Paul "wooed" the cute young girl and so she was our friend...along we wait patiently being update by the sweet young girl every few minutes.
So it comes to 7:45 and we are not yet on the infamous "red carpet" - But the lovely young lady told us that even though we were not on the carpet that she was only aloud to to let in three families at a time.
Finally, we get to step on the CARPET - yay!!! But not with out more drama - so this lovely family of four, another lady and her kids, and us were aloud in the carpeted area. The lady in front of us told the young girl that the people behind us were with her. We couldd not tell that the people behind us were not with her - they could have been family for all we know!?!?! Then the head of the whole show "Trinity" came over and said that there were only three families aloud in so the Indian lady was quite upset for obvious reasons. So Trinity asked the Indian lady in front of us to let us go so that we could get our picture taken and then they would try and fit in the 5 children after us.
Well, all in all everything worked out - Jacob had his picture with Santa and the Indian family had theirs.
So here is the photograph of the blessed event:


Canadian Kristin said...

I am SO GLAD you got such a cute photo after all that hassle! Eek....Santa better be leaving some good loot under your tree! :-)

Phil & Nickie said...

Such a cute picture!!! I would say it was worth all the hassle and wait :)
Merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

I'm so happy that you got your picture! It is so cute! Jacob looks so happy and winterey!!

Shawna said...

Okay so I got razzed by my Parents about my coment about the people that were in front of the line up-so please note that I have changed this entry to be "politically correct".

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