:: December 26th ~ Boxing Day Madness ::

:: Boxing Day ::
We spent Boxing day Brunch at my parents place so that we could get more of a visit in with Trev & Christy before they had to head back to Duncan. The brunch was fabby and we had a couple great games of "Sequence" as well as enjoying the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Then we headed out to our annual (and when I mean annual - like for the past 26 some odd years annual) Boxind day night with the H's - well actually only half are still H's as they have married the girls off - but they are all still H's at heart :) We played this great game called "Apples to Apples" and when we were off doing something else we were being photographed by Taylor who just received her first digital camera for Christmas!

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Canadian Kristin said...

I wanted to buy that game, couldn't find it anywhere...glad to hear it was good.

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