:: December 25th ~ Christmas Day Afternoon ::

:: Christmas Day Afternoon ::
We had a great time with my family at my parents house for the afternoon/evening on Christmas Day. It was just us kids (J&L, T&C & Us) for the first part of the afternoon along with my Dad's mom Grandma Rosie. We had a great time hanging out and getting spoiled like 5 year olds from my parents! And thanks to all my blogging friends for putting in your two cents - we as couples received a "basket" instead of a stocking from "Santa" apparently my parents have a special relationship with Santa - They don't even make him wrap the "baskets"!
Then we were joined by my cousins Dan, Cari and second cousins Jordyn & Lexi for dinner as well as my Nanny (my Mom's Mom). My Mom created a feast fit for a King but apparently the Queen forgot to make her Yam dish and so the Kings feast wasn't complete. I always bring my yam dish to the big occassion dinners, however my Mom & I didn't discuss the yams this year so I showed up without the dish - Ooops! Don't worry I made it up to her and served her the precious yam dish just a few days ago :)
We sang carols - probably a good 15 carols which was great when I wasn't singing but when I opened my mouth and tried to give glory to God in the highest it sounded like more of a car accident on the flats of Surrey - Not a good sound at all! I had a really bad throat cold thing over the holiday's and apparently I was not the only one, as I have heard of many other cases of the flu, colds and strep throat!
:: It was truly a very MERRY CHRISTMAS ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Glad we blog-friends swayed Santa... the basket idea is fun!

Lisa B. said...

And didn't we know Santa-Joanne would cave! Yahhh!

What did you get in this basket?

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