: I'm 31 years old & don't know a darn thing :

Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration , but that's how I'm feeling.

With all this soul searching and spiritual Spring cleaning, it's unveiling to me that what I thought I knew is actually just a shadow of what I truly know.

Or what my head knows and what my heart knows don't jive and one of the two need to be re-worked. It's a work in progress, I'm a work in progress. But non the less I hope that this time of inner work, reflection and refinement makes my daily living un-chained and a fuller life of freedom -- more then I ever imagined.

Thank you for all the sweet bloglove, texts and emails -- I've never thought I would be judged by exposing more of my 'inside self' I just never want to appear weak. Humph. Stupid pride.

Anyway, I digress. Life still goes on in the midst of the rain. Life still goes on and a joy filled one at that.

Here are a few snapshots {all from my BB} of the last week of life...

: fishy kisses :
: Spring buds :
: First beach visit :
: Spring fling ~ 10 years young :
: cookie making time :
: Beach bum :
: Birthday time :
: Silly faces :
: Fresh homemade pizza :
: Spring light :
: Spring flowers :
: New drapes for brighter days aka: better sleeps :
: Fresh new palm plant {to kill, pray this one lives} :
: Train ride :
: Daily encouragement :
: Tuna filet on cast iron :
That's it, that's all..signing off for the evening. Hoping to get some sort of organization going around this house today, there has been FAR too much play and not enough work ;)

Much Love!

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