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: warning : If you don't want to hear about parenting, skip to tomorrow's post...it's much more fun ;)

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Tonight, I am done, exasperated, frustrated, and exhausted! Parenting is not easy -- the past few days has been a testament to that!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys with all my heart but there are times that my children's disobedience and lack of listening skills just fries my brain!
For instance Cole and I walked into a local super-mart this morning and we proceeded to the veggie isle and he took a huge bite out of a stalk of celery, I mean really a huge bite!!! Who does that!??! Apparently my child.
I say to them go to bed, I tell them the consequences of them not obeying me...they disobey, I HAVE to follow through on the consequence. Why can't they understand I don't want to discipline them and obeying makes things easier on both of us!?!

Obviously I have to follow through, cause Lord have MERCY if I need to do this type of discipline for much longer I might check myself into the looney bin!


Oh well, I'm sure this will pass and life will continue on and things will be great...tonight is just not that night!

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Thanks for listening {or ahem, reading} -- I hope your day had more sunshine than mine and that if it didn't, that we all remember tomorrow is a NEW day {thank the LORD!}



Crystal said...

I am chuckling a little at the celery thing because obviously it's not my child who did it but if it was my child I would be crying:) just like when my child decided to help herself to some cherrios off if some strangers stroller at Tracy cakes today.. I was mortified in the moment and grateful the mother didn't see:) oh parenthood! Tomorrow is a new day and his mercy is new tomorrow!

Maguiresaunt said...

You're not alone, Shawna. After an "I don't like broccoli anymore" phase, my nephew leaned out of the shopping cart and took a big bite out of some broccoli. He then announced, quite loudly, "Hey dad! I like broccoli again!". My brother was mortified...and bought the broccoli. :o)

susan said...

Yesterday was a bad parenting day for me too - like REALLY bad. As in I yelled, I cried and I even said a few words that should not be said around small children! I made Silas cry I yelled so loud!

Epic failure as a Mom!

I took Izzie & Seth aside later & apologized & told them how much I DO love them & that I shouldn't have reacted that way.

My behavior was shameful - but just as they forgave me, Jesus does too. I have been given these children by God, they are a gift - which is SO hard to remember in those "heated" moments when you are at the end of your rope.

You are a terrific Mom Shawna! You have a lot going on right now - and high stress things - but you'll do it & your kids will THRIVE from having such wonderful parents!

[just in case you forgot how awesome you are I said a few nice things about you on my blog the other day!!]


[oh & if Seth took a bit out of anything that resembled a fruit or veggie I'd probably fall over dead!]

Jennifer said...

OH MAN...yesterday was a BAD parenting day for me as well??? MAJOR disobiedience from both my girls....ugh....Lets just say almost all of Sophie's my little ponies are in my custody till Sunday and Grace never had so many time outs in her life!
It is exhausting....hang in there...You are a great momma :) :)

Laura said...

Oh, the ways they test you! I'm getting more and more into this "phase" with Kenzie and some days I think I'll go nuts - with one! Remember that all the hard work you're putting into your kids now will pay off in the days/years to come.
I've had the pleasure of apologizing to Kenzie for how I've reacted in the heat of the moment. And although I feel bad, I also see it as demonstrating God's mercy, grace humility and forgiveness to her - seriously important life lessons! So there's always good to come from the frustrations :)

Keep going Mama - you're awesome!!

Jason and Kristin said...

I'm just reading this now, but I had the exact same kind of day on the day you wrote this. UGH! BOYS! I totally understand how you are feeling and I really do appreciate that you shared because sometimes its just nice to know we aren't alone!! I am heading into 13 days of single parenting starting on Saturday and I'm trying to gear myself up for it, but frankly, I'm SCARED! I feel like it's going to get a bit much...but like you said, tomorrow is a new day! I'm going to be reminding myself of that lots ;) Love ya and love your blogs!

Amanda said...

We ALL have MANY days like that!!

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