: What I'm loving Wednesday :

I've got a few things that I'm L O V I N G this week...

First of those things is the show "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE" -- I really love this show, but unfortunately my hubby doesn't share my same passion! So it gets recorded and I watch it by myself usually on a Saturday when I'm doing chores around the house. Typically I cry in at least one scene - the stories are usually so inspiring and unbelievable that they bring me to tears!
I love "VitaCoco" I've been drinking it for 8 months or so and I love the coconut water mixed with pineapple puree - it's delish and SO good for you!
I had a whole tub {costco sized} of Greek Yogurt and it is almost expired --- so I looked up a recipe that uses Greek Yogurt for scones and this is the one I found and made and they are DELISH!!! I don't have agave syrup that is called for in the recipe but replaced it with honey - go try it, they are reasonably good for you and are full of protein from the yogurt. Enjoy!

Here is the yogurt I used, I got it at Costco and it was $5 -- super good and SO worth it!
I'm loving this sunny day and any excuse to wear my new Jackie Onassis inspired sunglasses from my forever 21 loot that I bought to support Japan Relief Aid -- Love 'em and at only $6 they are awesome!

I found this daily devotional the other day and it seemed just perfect for this time in my life...I love that the front cover says "devotional readings for women who strive too hard to make it just right" --- hmmm does "Authenticity" ring a bell ;) -- So far the daily readings I have read have given me much more than a tid-bit of information. Love having a new devotional for a new season - nothing like a fresh start! {Authors site}

Hope you're Wednesday has been good to you and you're enjoying this very Spring day -- It's just a beautiful day in our neck of the woods!



susan said...

What is this VitaCoco you speak of? Where does one get it? It's not carbonated or sweetened is it? Just coconut water? Hmm?

I like Who Do You Think You Are too, I'd LOVE to be able to research my family tree like that! It is facinating.

Nice glasses too...we have a HUGE Forever 21 here, I've actually never been in it though.

Shawna said...

@Susan: I'm sure you can find it in the organic area of Superstore or your local health food store -- I buy mine at Fred Meyers and I buy the one with puree pineapple - the only ingredients are coco water and pineapple. And yes, if we lived closer we could cry, oops, watch WDYTYA together ;) And you are C R A Z Y for not shopping in F21, it's like a clothing/accessories dollar store! Yahooo!

Anonymous said...

LOVING this post! and FYI- its JEN :)

1. I need to get my hands on this coconut/pineapple water....helllooooo my most fav ;)

2. AND.....let me know how the book is. I think it would be a good read for me.

3. LOVE LOVE the show Who Do You Think You Are! Cry everytime as well ;) *sniff*

Glad you introduced me to your blog! I adore it :)

Tawn said...

oh I've been looking for a new devotional!! I think I'll pick this one up today ... I find that I'm all over the place with reading the Word unless I have a guide ... I'm so ADD. :-)

love you, friend!!

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