:: Ohhh La La Tuesday ::

:: Really, there is nothing "Ohhh La La" about today, I just couldn't figure out a title for today's post ;) ::

:: We are in the midst of hearing about peoples Spring vacations all over the place, and I just pulled this sucker out of the back of my freezer...just waiting to bring me love peace joy in the midst of a dreary Spring day. I'm pleased to say, it did the trick! ::

:: Because, you know how it is with kids...my kids took a full size banana {talking like 8 inches of full size banana} and forgot about it, and I found it mushed under their super cute pottery barn kids bean bags, squished into our sisal carpet. Mmmm, YUM! ::

:: And I have a very camera happy little guy on my hands, he's been talking photos of anything and everything! And this was one of the ones he wanted to take this morning. "Mama, can we take a picture of us?" I was happy to oblige ;) ::

:: Well, I'm off to clean carpets and do a few other things. Things not as fun as blogging, but better make good use of this rainy day because before we know it, there will be sunshine outside and the last thing I'll want to do is work inside! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Lovelies! ::


Lisa B. said...

A banana under a bean bag....yummy!!!

Cheers to a rainy Tuesday full of delicious coffee and inside work....in no time we'll have beautiful yards with flowers a bloomin' and your yard will be full of lovely pink cherry blossoms!

Come on spring, you're welcome in these parts...then maybe the bananas will make their way outside :-)

Canadian Kristin said...

Ugh. Banana mush is so gross. Especially in the carpet of the house you are trying to sell! Here's hoping the buyers will think it is a homey 'fresh baked banana bread' smell! :-)

Joanne said...

Cute photo! What a dear boy, our wee Jacob!

susan said...

I don't remember you having a nose piercing, is this new??

Shawna said...

Thanks girls, it was a super fun event and a fun cake to do...I will certainly be doing it again as it was easy but took 4 full batches of icing to complete! :O

Banana mess has been cleaned up and everything smells fresh and new - Now bring on some buyers!

@Susan: Nose piercing, yes new...must post about how it came to be!

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