: For Japan :

Today there is a "Silence for Japan" day going on many of my blog friends sites. I totally agree with this and know that primarily it is to bring attention and re-focus on the tragedy that happened to Japan.

However since I have already posted today I kinda botched up participating in the "Silence for Japan" post...but fear not lovelies! I have something that you can do, that will also help Japan!

For today only Forever 21 is having a fund raiser for Japan -- Not only do you get to give to a VERY worthy cause, but you also get to fast forward your Spring/Summer wardrobe! 100% of the proceeds of your purchase goes to Japan - How awesome is that!?!

So go now, buy yourself a little something and help in a B I G way!

Here are the sites for Canada and the USA

Now go, find something cute, even if it's just a purse, scarf, sunglasses...shoes, oh must I say more!?!!?

On a totally serious note, there is SO much tragedy and heartbreak all over our world and even in our individual lives, please do not stop praying for God to reign in all of these situations!

Have a great weekend lovelies!



Trista Cooper said...

Thanks for posting that! I just put in order in!!!!

Shawna said...

Awesome T -- I put an order in too...just for a pair of boots, scarf and a couple pairs of sunglasses - for all that my order only came to $50 -- what a steal!

So glad you took advantage of it too! xo*S

Trista Cooper said...

I know I got a dress, jeans, 2 tops all for $85.00. WOW!!!!

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