:: The Clova - Our School Year Tradition ::

:: Well, as I said before -- we have started this new tradition with the school year coming up. That we'll take the boys to a movie one week before the new school year starts ::

:: This particular theatre is the original theatre in our little sleepy town -- it no longer has "shows" for $0.56, but comparing it to the bigger well known fancy schmancy theatre on the other side of town...they keep it cheap ::

:: The cost for the matinee is $4 for the adults and $2 for the kids over 2, plus if you bring your own bucket they will fill it up for just $2 and they have all the tasty seasonings for free! It's quaint and sweet..and really quite cheap! ::

:: We arrived before the Baker girls so we hung out in the courtyard across the street from the theatre, the thought passed through my mind about what it'll be like in just a few short years when my boys are 10 & 11 and they are waiting in the same spot at the same time of year for their movie to start? What fun it is to bring traditions into existence ::
:: My precious Cole, being preciously still....it never lasts for long! ::
:: The girls arrived, popcorn buckets in tow - they were so excited to get the show on the road! ::
:: Here are the kids heading into the theatre ::

:: We enjoyed watching "Up" by Disney pixar - such a cute show, with lots of heart. This was the second time that the boys saw it in the theatre, and they loved it...however it was a little long and by the end they were asking if it was "all done?" ::
:: Here are the Baker girls - nice cheesy smile Emma-Bemma! ::
:: Here I am with my boys, oh my boys - I love them so! Nice cheesy smile from Jacob too, he took tips from Emma, hey at least he's smiling, that's a step in the right direction! ::
:: Coley-Oley-O ::
:: On the way out of the theatre the owner had a lolli for each of the kids, they were SO excited and I thought it was SO sweet {get it, ha, sweet} of them to do that ::
:: What a great tradition and what fun we had, next year when we go Lisa will have a 6 month old baby, so maybe I'll just take all the kids and she can have a quiet house for 3 hours! It was a great memory and a super fun tradition to start! Thanks for joining us, Baker girls! ::


susan said...

What a lovely tradition!! I remember going to the Clova YEARS ago...it looks much nicer now.
And hey, how come you look so beautifully tanned? (as I look outside at the snow falling!!)
Your boys are so adorable & what a great idea to do this with a friend & her girls - I can't wait to see pictures EVERY year!!

Shawna said...

It was SO fun Susan!

No no no, it was back at the beginning of September, I no longer have a tan..boo hoo!

I wish we had snow today, feels like a day I could stay inside and just bake the day away!

Lisa B. said...

It was a wonderful afternoon and such great memories and traditions to start. One day we'll be able to look back at a whole collage of "back to school" pics at the Clova!

Love you guys!
The Baker Girls

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