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:: As I've become more aware that my word I chose to be my mantra for this year was "CREATE" and I have yet to feel like I have completed my quest to create what I want my life to look like {and it's been almost nine months - that's almost the gestation of a new baby for crying out loud!}. I have tuned into Focus on the Family as a resource for me ::

:: For crying out loud I was raised listening to Focus on the Family! ::

:: As I was going through my emails this morning I came across an announcement from FonthF that there is a special broadcast for Canadian listeners on September 10th ::

:: I don't know if I will tune in on the actual night of the broadcast, but I do know that I'll go here and listen to it on a later date. As I know in my heart and my home, I want to create something different, I don't know what that looks like right now and I'm sure it won't be easy, but I'm willing to try! ::

:: We're off for the first matinee @ the Clova Theatre today, what fun it is to start our own family traditions! ::

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Laura said...

I was so surprised when I clicked on your blog and saw that familiar email, regarding the Sept. 10 broadcast!
Guess what? I WROTE that email!! haha. And Jim Bugg sent it out (yup, we work together at FOTF). Someone else designed it, wish I could take credit for that but I can't!
Good to know people are receiving the email and thinking about it - yay!
And... thanks for helping us get the word out! :)

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