:: 2009 ::

:: I have had a great idea come from a friend of mine about choosing a word to sum up my expectation for 2009, I thought about this long and hard and finally came up with "CREATE" as my word for 2009 ::

:: I have too often let others depict what I should expect, be or become. But I am choosing in 2009 to CREATE what I want to see in all areas of my life, physically, spiritually, emotionally and tangibly ::

:: I want to create my life to be what I feel God has called me to be ::

:: I want to CREATE time for our family to be first, I often just go with the flow, but that is not necessarily always best for my family. That sounds really selfish, but in all reality what good are we to others if what we have created in our own lives is not truly who we are? ::

:: I want to CREATE a deeper level of financial responsibility - put more thought into what I buy and why I'm buying it ::

:: I have found that the word "CREATE" has been less overwhelming than writing down every single last thing that I want to accomplish during 2009. It's an all encompassing word that sums up my desire for 2009 ::

:: So I've shared my "resolution" {if you would like to call it that} with you, but really it's just another reason to re-evaluate what we want to keep in our lives and what we need to trim away to be more of what Christ has called us to be ::

:: So what's your word for 2009? ::


Lisa B. said...

Love it....such a great word...."create".....it's like a breath of fresh air, newness and fun....praying that 2009 is best it an be!


Ps: My word is "change"

Shawna said...

That's a good word Lise, I like it - Here's to change in 2009!
xo, *S

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