:: The Bachelor ::

:: Now I'm usually not one to endorse reality television, but I happened to be at home with the TV on doing this project last Monday night and, what a night to be home flipping the channel! ::

:: Both Paul and I watched "The Bachelor" and boy oh boy it was a good one...so now I'm hooked! :::: So tonight at 8:00pm, don't bother to call unless you want to get our answering machine, we'll be watching week 2 of this fabulous reality show ::

:: Okay well the truth is; I LOVE reality TV....like Tori & Dean, oh, I just can't get enough of it! ::

:: Happy Bachelor, er, um I mean Monday Peoples! ::

:: Ps. I'm not feeling quite myself yet, I thought I had the flu on Saturday morning, but by Sunday morning I knew it wasn't the flu but my body trying to fight off a migraine...I'm still fighting, have yet to succumb to it. In the meantime I'm getting lots of organizing and de-cluttering done and enjoying the forced down time ::


Crystal said...

hehe, Dave watched it with me too:) He's mean though, he likes watching the cat fights and watching the girls cry! Its going to be a good one though, because the ex bachorette is coming back to try and win him back!!!

Jessi said...

I'm so excited for this season, watched him on it last season and fell in love with him, well like because we all know that I love only one man! I'm excited for Deona to come back, should make for an interesting season! Dean's secretly addicted to it too and is so bummed that he has to work tonight and is going to miss it...thankfully it replays on Sundays!

Shawna said...

Jessi -- Long time no see or hear from!!! How are you friend?!?!

I know it's hilarious to see how our guys react to and say about the situations...I love it, it make so for good conversation in our home!

Ad as for Deanna coming back, I feel SO SO sorry for Mr. Bachelor, he's so sweet and she's stupid, just my opinion!

Have fun watching tonight girls, I know I will!
xo, *s

Kristin said...

Dudette, if you have a migraine, aren't you supposed to lie down with a dark cloth over your eyes?!?! REST.....YOUR BODY IS SAYING: REST!!!

Happy Bachelor-watching! :-)

Coby Jordan said...

lol...i'm sooo into it too, especially with Jason being the batchelor after the last bachelorette and can you believe that Deeana (sp?) is going to show up...yep, I make MJ watch it too...have fun!!

Amanda said...

I am watching it too! Each season I say to myself "I'm not going to watch it" but when I foound out WHO was the Bachelor I HAD to! Haha! Jordan hates the show and will not watch it so thankfully it is on a night that he is out at the gym! Heehee!

Lisa B. said...

Matt loves every second of it...and if you know Matt at all you KNOW he has his own opinions about each girl...and he's NOT AFRAID to share them!

Fun times :-)

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