:: Pray - Please Pray ::

* The Latest {6:00 pm} *

:: All of the family has made it safely to Tulsa. Harper is not yet on the machine, she is still listed in critical condition but with each hour getting stronger and stronger ::

:: This report is from Kelly's brothers blog here ::

:: Continue to pray - I know I will be! ::


:: Thank you all for standing with this precious family in prayer. Our God is a great God and He has heard our prayers. They have seen significant improvement in Harper's health and thus she may not need to be on the machine to bypass her heart/lungs ::

:: That is FABULOUS news, that means that she is fighting and pushing through. I will keep you updated as I hear my updates from much of the blog world, I'm currently getting updates from six blogs, so I will hear the current news as soon as it's out ::

:: Kelly & her parents have probably just arrived in Oklahoma and are getting to visit with Harper ::

:: You can read her latest update here - Thank you for praying and continue to do so, we want to see this baby be whole and home in the arms of her parents. She is not out of the woods yet, but she is making great strides every hour ::

* * *
:: One of my blogger friends from South of the border has just had her first baby girl this evening - Her name is Harper ::

:: They have waited on God through their infertility and 5 years after trying were SO delighted to be pregnant with Harper ::

:: This evening when Harper was born she wasn't breathing well at all, she in fact actually has pneumonia and it looks like she may not make it ::

:: My heart is in my throat, I don't know what to say except pray, people please pray for Harper, but Scott & Kelly too ::

:: The latest update is that her heart is in good condition but there is fluids in her lungs. She has been airlifted to Tulsa where they can hopefully put her on the appropriate machine to work her heart and lungs and get the pneumonia out fast! ::

:: So friends, please pray for her, pray for complete healing in immediate fashion, that she would be whole and that Kelly would be able to hold her sweet baby girl. I cannot imagine what her heart feels right now ::

:: You can see what Kelly wrote here ::


Nancy said...

Oh Shawna....I am heading off to work this morning...my work where I welcome wee ones like Harper into the world. For sure will be praying for Kelly and her little family....please get posting as to how she is doing....I will be thinking of her today

Christy said...

Will do....keep us updated!

The Samy's said...

Will be praying and believing for this precious family.

Kristin said...


Lisa B. said...

Stand with you and believing for God's hand to move.

Jason and Kristin said...


Jenn VH said...

I stumbled upon Kelly's blog in blogworld just this morning and have been praying. Happy to see she is a fighter! Will continue to pray.

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