:: Cake for One ::

:: I was away from these parts yesterday as I was requested to make a simple cake for a sweet little boys first birthday photo shoot ::

:: The request was for a simple polka-dot cake and so I made a 3 tier chocolate cake, filled with butter cream vanilla icing and covered with chocolate fondant and white & blue polka-dots. Super cute design, celebratory enough but still sweet ::

:: Here it is all wrapped up and ready to go ~ Happy First Birthday Reid ::

:: Just in case you haven't noticed I'm now the owner of two blogs...I have made a website {aka. blog} for my cake stuff. I have yet to make time to come up with exactly what I want on that blog and I still need to watermark my photos and I just haven't had the time yet. I will though. And it'll be great when it's done. If you want to head over and leave a note over there, you can click here to poke around on cakesbyshawna.com ::

** Edited to add below link **
:: Well peeps, I'm off to do laundry, finish up some things for this incredible event, book eye, tooth & doctor appointments, maybe finish up some scrap booking and to hopefully work on my other website, and then tonight I get coffee out with my friend and I get to have my toes painted ::

:: Oh, and on a complete side note; my $dollar$ store {at Willowbrook mall} that I love love love to get craft items, zip bags and random items for cheap from increased their price, they are no longer officially a $dollar$ store but a $1.25 store...how silly, and frustrating!!! ::

:: I'm enjoying the fog today {we've been fogged in for the last week in the lower mainland}, I love it, it makes me want to stay in and stay warm, finish projects, start new ones and clear the clutter. Maybe I'll get a bag of toys off to toy traders/good will this weekend, but we'll be celebrating the birth of my sweet niece Victoria, remember a year ago I was sitting here anticipating her arrival {here are a few other posts I did on her arrival too here, here oh and one more here} ::

:: Have a wonderful weekend peeps, I will make sure once I have some resolution on the mineral foundation issue to update that post and re-post it at the top of the pile ::


jamiedelaine said...

Loooove it!

Christy said...

Cute cake....I love the simplicity. Have fun at your birthday party! And how do you post a link with just a word? Like "here" will take you to another link. I can't figure it out!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous and perfect!
I can't wait to see Jill's sneaks of the shoot!

susan said...

You are one talented lady! Cakes, dressers, motherhood...oh my!
Seriously, God has blessed you with some serious gifts!!

Shawna said...

Thanks girls - it's so fun to do it!

And I am blessed to see my creations come to life!

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