:: I need your help, yes you! ::

:: I don't normally post things like this but I need your help on a really silly topic ::

:: Since we're in full on winter blahs here, I have been using my foundation a lot more, however I'm not necessarily sold that it is the best for my skin {or looks the best, I like au natural} ::

:: And the other night when we were up watching TV way too late aka: the infomercials had started so it was after 1:00am, this infomercial came on with all of the great things that their products do for your skin and they leave less of a "carbon footprint" on your face {just kidding about the carbon footprint part - but they did say they were SO good for you} ::

:: Then I happened to get an email advertising this company, again with mineral make-up, but much cheaper than the competition, with apparently the same results ::

:: So my question for you is, do you use mineral make-up? Do you LOVE it? Is it a waste of money? Does it over cover {I don't like to look like I have a mask on!}? ::

:: Your input would be greatly appreciated, because as of right now I have a love/love relationship with my sunless tanner! ::


Lisa said...

I thought you were sold on Beauti Control and that they told you that mineral make-up was a hoax? You silly girl. I LOVE my mineralize satin-finish foundation by MAC. Evens things out w/out looking like I have an extra layer on my skin. I also use their mineralize pressed powder in a darker shade as a bronzer as they don't have a mineral bronzer in their line... yet?

Shawna said...

As for the BC -- I love their skincare, but not "sold" on their make-up. However they too have mineral make-up so I may try theirs depending on the cost...I knew you wore mineral make-up, just didn't know what kind :)

Crystal said...

Hey Shawna, I have the BC mineral make up, I wanted to try it. I like the way it feels in the sense that it doesn't irritate my skin(its sensitive), but I don't like the coverage personally. I like liquid foundation. I use studio fix by MAC, but I heard they were bringing out a mineral make up line. I have used a mineral make up a spa once too, and i just find that it leave's the skin looking chalky and grey:) And I agree, I am not loving there make up!

Cathy said...

Oh cool! I have always wondered about the mineral make up! I look forward to reading more!

Shawna said...

Thanks for the info Crystal, I'm glad you tried the BC mineral make up...so you wouldn't suggest it?

What the BI Bare Minerals girls said was that it made your skin look "luminous" now who knows how much product you have to put on your skin to make it look "luminous"...I'm all about throwing it on and going!

Carolee said...

I really liked Smashbox Halo (powder foundation), very nice finish - slightly glowy - and doesn't feel like you have anything on. It's a little expensive ($75)but lasts a long time and they'll gladly demo it at Shoppers DM . Downside: not a lot of shades to choose from and, since I fell between the lightest and the next shade, I went back to Quo liquid foundation until I can find someone who makes a powder shade that matches me!

Stefanie said...

I have the Bare Minerals collection but honestly, I don't even use it (except for the blush/bronzer occasionally)! I'm a college student and I just don't have the patience in the morning to tap out and apply so many different powders plus I feel like it leaves my face not necessarily cakey but rather powdery. Plus the mess, oh my word THE MESS. I also hear the minerals leave your face looking funky in flash photos. So those are the downsides I've experienced but on the upside, it is easier to match your skin tone to a powder rather than a liquid foundation and because it is easier to blend, can look more natural. Hope this helps!

Crystal said...

Shawna, I am going to see laura this Friday so I can give it to her to give to you on wed night at your womens thing, I believe she is going:) that way you can try and see for yourself:)

bari said...

I've been using bare escentuals for years, mostly because I absolutely HATE the feel of liquid or creamy foundation and cant use it. I was hesitant about the minerals thing and went to a BE store in nyc for a demo, I know its alot harder to find that kind of thing in BC (no sephora yet, for shame) but Id suggest trying to get a demo if you are unsure. It is a little messy at times, especially till you get the hang of it but I just do it over the sink and its really not a big deal. I only spend about 4 minutes getting ready in the morning so I can attest that its fine for the on-the-go. hope that helps!
ps we met last summer but i guess i'm out of blog stalkery to talk about beauty products. yay! ;)

Meg Baxter said...

Shawna: I have only ever heard GREAT things about mineral makeup (especially Bare Escentials). One of my girlfriends has a pretty blotchy complexion (red cheeks and pale olive skin) and it's the only thing that will even it out.I have yet to try it out myself, though. I AM thinking of picking up some of that bronzer you posted, though!

Laura said...

I love how your “silly” post got so much feedback! Haha.
Okay, here goes... I’ve only been using actual foundation for about a year or so... was always just a concealer then pressed powder kind of girl. Then my skin went all funky so I had to try new things too! Difficult to find something that you truly love. I got a MAC foundation for my wedding that I really like (it’s in a stick) but I find I go through it too quickly for the cost and it’s quite heavy coverage for an everyday look. I too tried mineral foundation... and I broke out, even though I was using a reputable brand. Not horrible breakouts but little zits and overall not-nice skin. But I loved how quick and easy it was to use! Quick like a regular powder but with better coverage (although it might be too cakey for you, as you have nice skin and don’t need the extra coverage so much). I agree with another comment that it can look “gray” so make sure you get a warm tone, or brush some bronzer on top. The foundation I’m using and like is the Mary Kay medium coverage foundation. It’s a liquid but it’s light and looks natural. I find that applying it with a dampened foundation brush is the key! :) My opinion is that you might just be a concealer and pressed/loose powder type of girl!! Add a little bronzer/blush and you’re set! I absolutely LOVE my concealer (Mary Kay) – I’ve used it for years and have never found one comparable.

Shawna said...

Wow Gals, thanks for all of your responses!

Crystal, I would love to try and use the BC mineral line, and would so appreciate it if you passed it on to Laura, to get it to me...got that ;)

A. Carolee, I'll head over to shoppers this afternoon and see what they have to offer {maybe something less than $75}

Meg, my issue is not uneven skin tone, but just wanting to feel more finished...thanks for your opinion and yes, if you can get your hands on my {ha} sunless tanner..it's well worth it! I buy it in the states for $4 but I think up here it's around $10 - worth every penny!

Bari, thanks for your opinion and for coming out of the "blog closet" ;) I do remember you and remember that you had wonderfully beautiful skin, but you are beautiful inside too..so maybe it was just the inside shining through?

Laura, thanks for your opinion too, and yes, I have thought many times maybe I am just a concealer and bronzer type girl. But with age {ha, cause I'm SO old!} I have found my skin change and I want to look radiant ASAP all the time and since I don't have time or money to invest in tanning {every once in a while} and monthly facials or re-hydrating treatments I would like to find a make-up to do the same thing...so there is my problem!

Thanks for your thoughts/advice girls, keep it coming!

The Samy's said...

I have not used Mineral make-up before. I have heard that its ok but may look a little un-natural. I use Merle Norman and love it. I use both a foundation and powder cause I like to hide my freckles! That sometimes makes it a little harder to cover up and may look a little un-natural but when I found the Merle Norman 5 years ago I have not turned back. What I love about it is that it doesn't come off on your clothes and you have control of how much or how little you use.
Keep us posted to what you choose.

Lisa B. said...

My SIL uses a lot of Smashbox stuff and LOVES it!!!!

Can't wait to find out the results...then we can all go try for ourselves, heck, don't we all want to "illuminate"???? :-)

Joanne said...

FYI...Love Jillian's skin in the pic below....very dewy conpared to the other two...wonder what she uses? it really does make a difference...good luck on your pursuit!

Crystal said...

I for sure will give it to Laura! Let me know what you think!

I acutally was going out today to get new foundation because i ran out. I decided to try Benefit. its a creme foundation that gives a nice sheer coverage! I love Benefit stuff, so I will let you know what i think!!

Laura said...

What about a tinted moisturizer? May give you more of a "glow." Also, you could check The Body Shop. When I worked there we had a white/opalescent lotion to wear alone or mix with foundation that looked fabulous and really illuminated the skin! They also sold a finishing spray to give that dewy look.
I'm loving all this input!! :)

Laura said...

Oh, and I will talk with you soon about getting the makeup to you from Crystal! I'll see her on Friday so anytime after that :)

Tawn said...

I used tinted moisturizer from Covergirl. It's about $10 and I LOVE it. You can get it at Superstore. If I need something a little heavier (which is practically never these days ...) I use my Mary Kay.

I actually bought the Bare Minerals and DID NOT like it. It made my skin feel tight and dry. And you COULD see it on my skin ... kinda defeating the whole purpose.

Those are my two cents ... ;-)

Jason and Kristin said...

I love mineral makeup. I use the powder foundation one from Spa Utopia (at least that's where I was first introduced to it)...i can't remember the name of it right now, but I really like it. I can get the name of it if you want. I found a big difference when I switched to mineral makeup. My skin felt way nicer and I didn't feel like anything was caked on.

Kristin said...

I use the Mary Kay mineral powder....don't know that it does anything as the 3 days a week I remember to use it I don't get any more "dahling, you look fabo!" comments than usual [wink]....but it kinda makes me feel all princess-y when I use my bzillion dollar MAC brush to apply it! lol

Anonymous said...

I used to use Jane Iredale makeup from Spa Utopia and LOVED it and I thought I'd never change but the price was crazy. So I tried Arbonne's mineral makeup and it seriously is exactly the same and 1/2 the price. I will never use anything except mineral makeup from now on.

Shawna said...

Wow girls, you really have come through on this topic for me!

Make-up does great things to relationships ;)

I will wait and try the BEAUTY CONTROL mineral powder from Crystal and see what I think of it.

I also did some research for myself as I am a "no-name" brand user, due to working at a private label packaging co. So I found that the basis of all mineral make-up is the same {Laura, you broke out because of the zinc, you have probably also broken out due to wearing sunscreen - same main ingredient}. So, with that being said, does it make a difference buying expensive vs. cheap? I don't know.

I'm willing to try some cheap products. I found some great products on Avon.ca...and I have a friend who is an Avon rep. I have used Avon stuff before and it's incredibly nice, but I don't know if I should waste my time/money on it?!?!

As for the tinted moisturizer, I'm all about it...however I want that luminous look, I want to be radiant without trying {ha, maybe I should work on the inside for that!}.

Anyway, if someone here sells Arbonne can you tell me how much it costs?

I will keep you updated on what I decide to do and how they work, as this is obviously a very popular topic!

Ps. I've never tried Smashbox or benefit and my typical compact cream foundation costs $12.99 so I'm looking for something to meet my needs for around that price tag, told you I was cheap!

Oh, Tawn, do you have the bare minerals still, if so can I borrow it to do a test? I know I'm getting very technical now!

Shawna said...

Laura, can you find out how much the MK mineral foundation goes for?


Laura said...

No prob! The Mary Kay mineral foundation powder is $20. They also sell a brush for it which is $12 (also nice for loose powder). Nice thing about it is that it lasts a long time!

Let me know if you want to try them! :)

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