:: My Top Picks ::

:: Okay so if you missed last nights 2 hour {yikes} episode of the Bachelor...read this before you continue on to read my top picks for Jason ::

:: So at the end of the night Jason was left with this group of girls: Megan, Nikki, Lauren, Molly, Jillian, Melissa, Naomi, Stephanie, Kari, Natalie, Shannon, Erika ::

:: I have a few top picks and here they are ::

:: Nikki, I like her well enough, I think she's super beautiful and n-o-r-m-a-l! However I think she has yet to have FUN. She is very respectful and sweet, but maybe too much of a downer...however I like that she's not in la-la land and so having a relationship at the end of show would be reality for her, not just fru-fru fun {did you get all that!?!?} ::

:: Melissa, oh Melissa, she is a cute cheerleader and would be one to go with the flow and have fun, and fun they had on their date on the beach and in the Goodyear Blimp. However, she might be too fun, too much of a good thing?!?! I guess time will tell ::

:: Jillian, ah, Jillian! My breath of fresh air, beautiful, quiet when needs be, talkative when needs be, beautiful, from Vancouver (er, well Alberta but now she lives here), sweet, innocent not dumb though. I think she is the one...as long as Deanna keeps her claws off of him! ::

:: If you missed the show last night you can tune in on Saturday night as they re-play it at 8:00 pm ::

:: Oh boy, I can't wait until next week! ::

:: Okay, now back to reality! ::


Laura said...

I love how you've posted about the Bachelor twice already!! I'm hooked too... and always look forward to when the group is a little smaller so we can get to know the girls more. Good comments on your top picks, I concur. And there's definitely one or two that need to go! I can't wait 'til things really heat up when the ex comes back! Drama, drama, drama... ;)

anika said...

I think her name is Jillian, the one from Vancouver ... Shannon is the teeth girl

Shawna said...

You're so right Anika - thanks for pointing that mistake out to me!

I so do not like Shannon and expect her to go home next week ;)

anika said...

I don't like her either! Hopefully she goes home next week.

Crystal said...

I was wondering about the name thing too..Cause we are voting for Jillian, she's cute and Canadian, what more can we say! Oh, ok, I know we are not suppose to gamble..but we should start some sort of pool to see who wins:)hehe

Lisa B. said...

Okay, here's my two cents....
Jillian (from Vancouver) is totally the one..she is super cute, totally fun (remember the hot-dog thing?!!?) and stays under the radar - unlike the other crazies...
Erika needs to go, she is totally trashy and makes drama, Shannon is a bit too much of a stalker....Megan needs to get rid of the side ponytail before she gets a final grade - but she seems too old to me - and Stephanie, well, its sweet she has a child and is a widow, but she seems too Southern for Jason - too pagent queen.

I can't wait until closer to the end, Rhonda & I already talked about having a Bachelorette finale party...y'all can come!!!!

Jason and Kristin said...

You are too funny! I am addicted to the Bachelor too! I like Jillian and Melissa too!!! Those are my top 2 at the moment!

susan said...

Dang show, I'm hooked too!
My 2 cents are:
"Teeth" (aka: Shannon) is FREAKY! How many times did she say "you are so cute"? last night - get over it stalker, why did she get a rose?
I like Nikki, she seems very mature, maybe too mature but I think she's taking this very seriously which it should be in a weird reality tv way. :-)
Melissa seems like fun but I think she seems too young to be a step mom...who knows though.
The Vancouver gal from "High Level, Alberta, Canada" or where ever it is (?) seems pretty solid and probably Jason's best pick. Which means...he won't pick her! Oh the drama!!!

Erica seriously needs to go but I think the 2 he picked to go home were good choices as well.

I like that southern belle lady. She seems so real, maybe not the right choice for Jason but she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders and man, she's been through a tough time!!

I cannot believe I am talking about this show!!!!!!! I am a reality show junkie!!! Get me some help!!!!!!!

Shawna said...

Yeah, girls, that's right we have nothing better to talk about than reality tv..and it's awesome!

Anyway, funny side note, Paul asked me last night "what do you think I am?" You are what I said "Do you think I'm the perfect balance of Ketchup and Mustard?" Yes hun, your the perfect balance, just like my body....perfectly balanced - Ha!

I agree Susan, Stephanie {southern bell} is super sweet and I think they would make a great couple if 70% of her body wasn't made up of items that can be recycled aka: plastic and like you said Lisa I think she's too much like a pageant contestant.

We have to remember that Jason is from the West Coast, he may be American, but he's just a simple {not that way} every day guy.

Thanks for your comments ladies this is fun & yes I think we should plan a finale party...I'd host!

Kay, now I'm off to pretend I didn't spend the better portion of the day sitting at my desk, I'm off to be domestic!

Tawn said...

ok ... this show is my addiction. It makes Lu go nuts *grin*. I'm with you - Jillian, for SURE. Seriously - the fact she's from the NorthWest HAS to be in her favour ... Shannon gives me the jeebies ... Melissa is cute - but I'm not all that hyped on her. Niki. I think he likes her a fair bit to.

Anyone notice that he tends to like brunettes??? Just a thought ... and when Deanna comes back, I'll be making sure NO ONE is around so I can watch in peace and quiet *grin*!!

Amanda said...

I WANT TO BE AT THE FINALE PARTY!! (Just thought I'd let every one know!) *grin*

Shawna said...

Don't worry girls, we'll do it {a party that is} and y'all will be invited!

The Samy's said...

Count me in! =)

Christa Janzen said...

I MIGHT have to start a blg so that I can talk about these things too. OH MY. Seriously, I'm HOOKED on this show now!!! I totally agree that Jillian should be his girl! She's great. You want to know the bummer? We're cutting our cable when we move at the end of the month! Cripies! Oh well. OK, and seriously a finale party is a must and I might have to beg to be there too. *grin*

Christy said...

Holy comments Batman! I feel so left out....we don't get that channel. I'll just have to count on you to keep me up to date!

Lisa B. said...

With a response like this the finale party is a sure thing....I can't believe how many of us are hooked - it's so great!!!

susan said...

Hopefully there will be a seat sale so I can make it to the finale party!! *grin*

Kandis said...

Okay....so just so you know...Jillian is from up north here, Peace River, AB about 2 hours away from me! And don't forget it--hahaha!!
Anyhoo, she is my fave, as well as Nikki (doesn't she look so much like Sandra Bullock??)

Shawna said...

Ha Ha Ha - thanks for informing me Kandis ;) - And yay for loving her too!

As for Melissa, I too think she looks like Sandra.B - understated, lovely and beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!
xo, *s

Lisa B. said...

This Bachelor is full of girls that look like celebs:

Shannon - teeth girl - totally has a smile like Jessica Simpson.

Naomi - Eva Mendez

Nikki - Sandra Bullock

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