:: Before she was born ::

:: When we got the call in the middle of the night that the baby was on it's way, I couldn't sleep so I got up and wrote this little letter to "Baby Hungerford" ~ Babies are such a gift! ::


Dear Baby Hungerford,

Welcome to the world!

We have waited for your arrival for 9 months and now we get to hold you and see what perfection God made in you.

You are so loved; before you even had eyes, ears and a nose…you were loved. Your Mummy has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that you have grown to be the healthiest you could possibly be, and here you are as perfect as can be!

Mummy and Daddy could not have expected to fall in love so quickly without measure but now you are here; you are the most amazing treasure.

Welcome to the world baby, we can’t wait to know you and to see what plans God has for your life. Take life with all its twists and turns and run with it, you are part of a special plan knit together by God’s own hand.

Welcome to the world Baby
Hungerford ~ You are loved!

All of our hugs and kisses,
Uncle Paul, Aunty Shawna,
Cousin Jacob & Cousin Cole
Isn't she beautiful!


Jennifer and Michael said...

Shawna - thank you so much for blogging all this information - it's perfect and it is making me cry! I am SO emotional now that I am home and am a mother of one little girl. You were an enormous part of my sanity during the birth and I can't thank you enough. Your words of encouragement got me through the scariest moments and wanted you to know that. Anyway - I have to get some kleenex now but before I go, thank you Shawna - I love you, and little Victoria loves her basket of beautiful surprises. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Christy said...

Wow, she IS beautiful. God is so amazing. Many Many and much congradulations to Michael and Jennifer and little Victoria. From Trev, Christy and Baby

Mom said...

Wow...she is a living doll! And I see Michael in her, as well as Jennifer...a perfect mix! Great words, Shawna...and every word is true...God is good!

Coby said...

Congratulations guys, she is beautiful! Doesn't look so "newborn" in the photos, but she is a little one... Many blessings to you and your extended family. Love ya, CJ

Lisa B. said...

She looks beautiful!!!! I have to say I see Michael in her for sure. They grow and change so fast it will be interesting to see who she end up looking like the most.

Congrats to Michael and Jen on a beautiful new dolly to love and cherish.

Canadian Kristin said...

So very sweet...the letter and the babe.

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