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:: FYI ::
To all you Bath and Bodyworks fans, they have their soaps on sale this week....such a great deal. I have yet to come across a person who doesn't like their stuff - they have fabby scents that make any stinky boy smell like roses, well maybe not roses but you know what I mean! If you get a chance to run down State side this week...make sure to stop in and pick some of this stuff up. They are great to have on hand for those unexpected little gifts, just cross your fingers and pray that the person receiving it doesn't think they stink! Okay, enough of that...take it or leave it they are on sale for a killer deal so enjoy!


jamiedelaine said...

Mm, the smells in that store are to DIE for, it's heavenly!

Jennifer said...

Hooray, my favorite soap!! Looks like I'm heading down to the states on friday! thanks for the heads up!

Amanda said...

That is great deal! I bought mine in Phoenix at 3 for $10....this deal is better....but I don't think I need to have 8 of them in the house!

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