:: It's Official ::

:: My brother (younger than me by 18 months) and his beautiful wife of 1.5 years are expecting their first child ::

:: YaY for them (& us!) ::

:: They heard the heartbeat this past week and it was so much fun for me to hear how excited Trevor was. Life is truly a miracle that we take for granted and when someone realizes that it is a miracle it is such a blessing to witness! ::

:: Christy is feeling great and can't wait to be a Mum to her little bump ::

:: Joy to you and your little family T&C - We love you! ::

:: Ps. this picture was taken just before she found out she was pregnant...cool eh!?!? ::


Christy said...

Hey Shawna.....thanks for the post! Know what else is cool about the picture, on the way home from the mainland that day was when we decided we wanted to start trying! Hopefully the next time we see you I will have a "real" bump!

Jennifer and Michael said...

YEAH!! That'll be SO much for for them! I feel like an old pro now but I'll save my words of wisdom for some other time. LOL!

Lisa B. said...

Whooo hooot! Another baby on the way......your auntie status is growing fast and furious now.

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