:: Organizing the Garage ::

:: We attacked the garage a couple of weekends ago to get organized -- I was tired of parking my van in the garage and having to go through a maze of crap, when we have ample storage for our stuff in the garage on shelves, hooks and in cupboards! So here are the "before and afters" - Our boys were so good, Jacob hung (literally) in his orange beetle while Cole reclined in his swing ::

:: Before ::

:: After ::


Amanda said...

WOW! Looks great guys! Good work! Doesn't it feel so good to get things organized?

jamiedelaine said...

Hey--you were a blogging machine this afternoon. Garage looks great. I love cleaning...after its all done. I never knew you guys had such a sweet ride.

Jessi said...

Umm...can you come to my house and do the same??? You've been super busy today catching up on everything...thanks for the new reading material!

Lisa B. said...

You know the code to my garage door....what's the hold up woman! Work your magic in my neck of the woods!

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