:: Wish List + Invitation ::

:: I've started a wish list for a home party that my girlfriend and I are hosting on Monday September 14th at my girlfriend Trista's house ::

:: I will be having all of my SPA items there and she'll have all of her Lavish items there - it will be a great night of shopping a relaxation for us girls. If you want more info or to come to the event you can see the invite here ::

:: Just look at these babies for Fall and Winter, oh, I'm in love! ::
:: And I believe they are on sale! I'm excited! ::


Lisa B. said...

I read that things will be on sale - oh vey - not good for me!

So looking forward to a great girls night!

Crystal said...

I think you should go for the top one..bigger is better;)!!

Crystal said...

Oh, I forgot to add in my note, that i got that BC eyeshadow primer and I love it!! its amazing;) also, I don't know if you have tried any of the detox products but I got the little starter kit, and I love it!!! ITs so the perfect, unwind and relax products!!!

Laura said...

Hope it went well last night!!

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