:: Ugh ::

:: I'm sorry - I suck! Ya'll have been left in such suspense of what "new news" we have in our house ::

:: I know that you have just been dying to know...right. You have been DYING to know, you haven't? Ah, poop, maybe not! ::

:: Well do you want to hear why I haven't been on here (my computer that is)? Well because the wonderful news we received turned on me ::

:: It's delightful, Paul got a new job, a raise, wonderful benefits ::

:: One of those benefits is he gets to work from home ::

:: YaY Us...kinda ::

:: So there is our news, very fun, very good, very needed & wanted...however get you're own darn computer Mr. L - this one is mine! ::

:: So there, it's Paul's fault for my lack of blogging, we have yet to get our wireless Internet installed, so he sits using MY computer (which is actually our computer), at MY desk (which is too, our desk). But hey, during the day when he's working - so am I! ::

:: And if no one thinks that updating a blog, planning family affairs, doctors appointments, facebooking, organizing birthdays, daycare etc. isn't a full time job...I've got an earful for ya! ::

:: Edited to say ::

:: Oh, right. Yes, thanks Nickie for reminding me what this post was actually about. Yes, Paul's new job. He is in the same field of work but he now wears a title that is very officious "Western Regional Manager". He is in the healthcare industry which he loves, but he has moved to a bigger company with a bigger piece of the pie. We are truly astounded at this opportunity and cannot thank God enough for meeting our every need and more. We are BLESSED! ::


Nickie said...

Congrats to Paul on the new job! One little thing - you forgot to mention what the new job is! :)

Joanne said...

We are SO proud of Paul!! And thankful to God for his provision and blessings to your wee family.

Lisa B. said...

Congratulations Pauly! God is always faithful to honor and bless those who honor HIM first.

You're an awesome man of God who is full of integrity.....and you're being blessed for it!

What a great reason to
celebrate ;-)

Christy said...

That is so awesome! Many congrats to Paul and the family. God truly is good!

Laura said...

Wow! Congratulations Paul. That's really fantastic news. Love the grad cupcakes - awesome!

Annika said...

Shawna, congratulations to Paul and your family! God is just so amazing at providing and you guys so deserve this!
We are so happy for you!

Canadian Kristin said...

WOW, That IS great news! Congratulations, Paul!!!!!! Shawna, what do the cupcakes look like for this awesome reason to celebrate?!!??! :-) Peace to you as you figure out 'working from home' and 'sharing the computer'!

Shawna said...

Kris - the cupcakes were for a graduation ceremony - they are decorated w/ grad caps. Fun eh?

Thanks all for the support & congratulations.

We are aware that we are watched closely by our Father and we are grateful!

Cathy said...

Congratulations again Paul!

Jenn VH said...

What a blessing for your family, Paul! God bless you in your new position.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you guys on the new job!! That is exciting news!! Hope to see ya'll soon. We will be going to Cresecnt Beach next Monday afternoon...maybe we can stop by on the way home or maybe you guys are free to come too...let us know. Love & Blessings, The Jordan's

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