:: Tonight ::

:: Im going to see Jewel in concert! ::
:: seriously, have you ever known of a young (cute, most of the time) Mom of two small babes to go out for sushi on a Friday night with her husband and two fabulously fun friends to a Jewel concert?.well probably you have, but that doesnt often happen in my world! ::

:: Our great friend Chris (aka: Cookie or Uncle Cookie to our kids) had three extra tickets to Jewel and offered them up on Facebook last night and bang! I got em, so I called on our girlfriend Rhonda (the cute thang she is) and a fun night out was planned! ::

:: Thanks Chris for offering up the tickets and thanks to having great hook ups! If you ever need to get rid of other concert or event tickets you know the cave we live in, just come on over and drop them by! ::

:: What can I say? We are blessed! ::

:: Have a great weekend ya'll, we have a BBQ planned for tomorrow night and probably some fun office organizing so that I don't go too insane! ::


Lisa B. said...

Have fun, I won't be jelous or anything ;-)

And keep Rhonda under control okay, she can be a bit of a rowdy!!!! (or is it the other way around, her keeping you....is that even humanly possible?)

roo said...

ummm...it will definitely be roo keeping shawna under control..especially once we hit the casino:)

Christy said...

Sounds like fun.....have a great time!

Jennifer said...

What a fun night!! Hope you have a great time!

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