:: Halloween 2008 ::

:: We had a great Halloween, we spent the evening with my parents and the "B" family. It's so lovely to go to my parent's place, they prepare dinner, so we can focus on going out knocking...it was a great time! ::

:: We had a race car driver ::

:: And a giraffe ::

:: Thanks M&D for hosting a great night, it's always so fun to have traditions! ::


Christy said...

Ummm....have I mentioned lately how adorable your children are and how much I love them......

FunkyMomma said...

Great pumpkin ideas! Your boys are so sweet! I want to squeeze them!

Kristin said...

Your little trick-or-treaters are adorable!!! Are those pumpkins spray painted?! Coolio!

Lisa B. said...

The ladybug and bunny had a great time too...and scored really well in the candy dept.

Thanks for a great night....looking forward to next year :-)

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