: Weekend Recap :

We had a great weekend around these parts...we had our first dusting of snow for 2012 and it was sure welcomed from around here! I LOVE snow, I love that it makes you slow down, that life seems quieter and simpler - all in all, I have no complaints about snow!
So on Saturday after the big dump of snow on Friday night, the boys woke up SO excited to head out in the snow and Mr. L happily obliged by building them their first "Frosty" in this house.Pretty cute little {ahem, not so little at 5ft 9 inches} Frosty -- the poor little guy now has a mean lean going on from the sun beating down on him for most of the day on Sunday...but as of right now he's still standing; leaning ;) Saturday afternoon we headed into the city to celebrate our niece's 4th birthday -- it was a beautiful afternoon for a drive into the city {as pictured in the first photo}. We enjoyed some great food and had a fun time celebrating the little princess. It's always great to catch up with Michael's family as we don't see them as much as we'd like.Sunday we went to church and had a great time of worship, I love that we have a church that feels like family to us. We've been through our fair share of hardship as a church but I truly feel blessed to call it my home. I look around during the service and I see faces of love and comfort; the faces of family - SO blessed!

Sunday after church we all came home for a rest -- once the boys got up we bundled them up and sent them outside to play while Mr. L {and I} installed the new faucet we purchased from Lowes on the way into the city on Saturday...isn't she lovely!?!?

Here is the old faucet, worked like a charm just wasn't as esthetically pleasing ;)
She wasn't cheap but since we're installing a new sink in the suite and it needed a faucet we decided to put our faucet downstairs and install a new one for us...just shy of $200 it's the only change {other than paint} that we'll be doing in our kitchen for a couple years, so it was worth it! Did you see the cute little succulent on my window sill? I bought it from Ikea for $3 and transplanted it into one of my old glass candle jars from Ikea {you know the ones that you buy with the candle wax already poured into} -- they are great little glasses and clean up like a charm -makes for a cute little holder for my succulent, and since you can kill succulents by over watering it's a great way to ensure the soil stays dry! On Monday the streets were less than ideal for driving so Mr. L stayed home and we declared it a "snow day" at our house. The boys had new paint projects to work on, fresh snow to play in and lots of Christmas puzzles to complete.
Mr. L and I worked. He on advertisements and me on cupboard organizing and finishing up a few projects I had on the go...twas a great way to spend our snow day!But alas, we're back at it today, the snow is still here but a little someone needed to go back to school and the littler one needed to be registered for Kindergarten! Oy Vey!
So off I go to attack another corner of our home and to finish up the new load of laundry piled high on my mud room floor!

Hope you all have a lovely of loveliest Tuesdays!


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