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Morning All! It's a lovely Thursday {lovely because I'm home all day with my littlest} trying to get things accomplished as we have a pretty full weekend ahead!

I thought I would share a project that I finished last week. If you remember in our last house we had a chalkboard window just as you entered the house --- I loved that window and used the chalk board often..one of the things about moving from that house that made me sad was not having that lovely little chalk board.

But alas, I have fixed that!
{Old framed art from garage sale}
{Some chalk board sticky paper from our local $ store - and it was truly just $1}

{Apply chalk board paper to glass - trim the edges + find the perfect spot to mount the chalk board}{Mr. L was a little sketched out about having to screw something into our wood cupboards, but I hated that big blank pantry wall always staring back at me - so I said "justdoit" and that he did}

{Add the best invention since sliced bread - liquid chalk - that I got in my stocking (thanks Marm!)}{Paint the edges of the frame with craft paint and you've got yourself a large chalk board for the grand total of $5 (including the chalk paper/paint/brush/liquid chalk) --- Not bad for an old framed piece of art!?!? I love the chalk paper too vs. the chalk paint - it seem sturdier and I know I won't have to touch it up any time soon!}
Here's how it look in the kitchen -- I love it and can't wait to use it more often!
ps. I was out last night with a girlfriend {Hi S.B.!} shopping HomeSense and saw that our kitchen table pendant is on sale for $88! I paid nearly double that --- so if any of you are looking for some great {cheap} pendants stop by HomeSense ;)

I'm off to finish laundry, vacuum and make hay while I only have one little guy at my heels ;)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Trista cooper said...

Love it!!! Great idea!!

Shawna said...

Thanks Trista - definitely wasn't my idea, but I love it non the less ;)

natasha said...

awesome! totally doing this one. is the chalkboard paper magnetic? probably a dumb question... ;)

Stephanie Jean said...

Looks so good! I think I'm going to have to find a garage sale frame...:)

susan said...

LOVE IT! And I couldn't help but notice your light fixtures - love!!
I think I need to go find me a frame! I have so many bare walls in this house & it needs to be "home-a-fied" (yah, I made that up - feel free to use that super cool word) *wink*
I have NEVER heard of liquid chalk - what is this you speak of? Does it have the icky chalk dust? Will I smear it as I write - since I'm a lefty & chalk is not my friend? All very important questions!!

I can't wait to sit & have coffee with you one of these days Shawn & check out your new digs.

Thanks for the terrific idea!! Now, if it wasn't -35 maybe I'd head to my local dollarstore! :-)

Shawna said...

DO it Girls!!!! So easy! I got my chalk paper from the "Dollarama" dollar store in Aldergrove - it's the best $ store north of the border ;)

Natasha: No the chalk board paper is not magnetic - would be fun if it was though, I know you can get chalk paint that is magnetic.

Suz: As for the liquid chalk, it's just like a pen, once it's dry it doesn't smudge and to remove it use a clean damp cloth. And coffee sooner than later, for sure!

Jennifer said...

ohhh love the chalk board!!!

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