: What I LOVE Wednesday :

It's another snowy day around here -- some places almost record breaking. When we woke up this morning it was -8 not including the windchill....So for this balmy West Coast city this weather is quite the shock!

I'm enjoying it, wasn't enjoying it when I was driving to school & church and was sliding all over the place this morning, but I am embracing the slower pace; so that I am enjoying!

Today's list of what I LOVE is all compiled of stuff I received as gifts for Christmas. Most of these things I didn't ask for but were truly gifts --- Just goes to show my family really knows me :)
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Panasonic Ear buds :: These are so super great --- I've used them since boxing day for every work out and I LOVE them, they cut out any background noise so I can't hear anything that is going on in the house when I'm working out. And that in itself is a
God-send! Secondly they actually stay in my ears! Go figure ;)
L'Occitane Hand Cream :: This stuff is fab-u-lous!!! Especially with this bout of dry cold weather, it's worth it's weight in gold!
LuLu Lemon Gift Card :: I got not one but two gift cards for LuLu and I cannot wait to pick me out some cute little things to wear - oh how I LOVE LuLu!
Erin Condren Planner :: I don't know how other Mama's are able to keep track without a planner! I depend on mine and this one is absolutely the Queen of them all!
Sid Dickens Original :: This is my 3rd Sid Dickens wall plaque and I LOVE it, kinda like that I'm building up on the first two that I have!
Bulletin Board :: This bulletin board is huge like 3 feet by 2.5 feet huge and works perfectly in our front office, now just to get the guts to poke something into it ;) {and I don't have a link for it as Mr. L got it from HomeSense}
Clear Umbrella :: Saw this last year and have loved it ever since! So glad I have one of my own, since we live in the balmy West Coast I have plenty of reasons to have to pull this baby out more than I would probably like ;) Hope y'all are having a great "hump day" -- One of my goals this year is to keep up on scrapbooking our lives -- so that's what I'll be doing this afternoon, wish me luck ;)



bari said...

I looove my erin condren planner! I got it personalized this year (on tinyprints) and it makes me happy every time I look at it. I enjoy how our lives are so different but the same these days :)

Christy said...

Love the ear buds!

Maguiresaunt said...

Love the umbrella! Am kicking myself for not buying one when I saw it....

Trista cooper said...

I bought the same cork board for my sister for Christmas! Love it!

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