:: Old House New Look ::The Other Side ::

:: So I told you I would show you what I did with the other side of the lovely amber glass beside our front door, so here you go! ::

:: Here is what it looked like prior to painting the exterior and interior of the window -- look at that cute row of kids lined up {Jacob, Emma, Madelyne, Cole} ::

:: Well originally I thought since the inside of our door is white that I would paint the window portion white too {just like the outside of the door but with white}. Well, since the window on the inside of the door is not textured like the outside, it didn't paint up well at all! ::
:: Then one afternoon after we had slept on it and thought about what we could do to fix it, Paul came up with the killer idea to paint that portion of the window with chalk board paint - what a great idea! ::

:: So on my next trip down to the US of A I picked up a small bucket of chalk board paint {it was only $8 down there vs. $20 here} and within a half hour of being home, the new chalk board was made ::

:: And I love love love it! ::

:: Have a great day lovelies, and don't despair on the 30 day challenge! I'm off to the US of A this morning as I'm low on the necessities -- I'll be back this afternoon to put everything away and lay the kids down for a rest, pray the heat stays outside the house not in! ::


Nadine said...

What a fantastic idea!!! I love chalkboard paint, it's so much fun!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! WOW! You are full of greatness.
Do you find you are missing the light that comes through? Even if it was amber light?

Christy said...

Love the "new" door and agreed, what resourceful idea it was!

turningoveranewleaf said...

great idea! does it work for you to actually write on it? super location for last minute messages!


Kristin said...

You're the Queen!!!

Tawn said...

Paul's a keeper *wink* ... any man who comes up with a FANTASTIC decorating idea is worth his weight in gold!!

susan said...

Fabulous idea! I like the idea of chalkboard paint but am not sure where to use it in my home...
By the way...do you hire yourself out??


Lisa B. said...

I'm still trying to come up with a place in my place to use up some of your chalkboard paint...maybe Paul should come over and help me decide :-)

Shawna said...

Sarah: Do I miss the light, yes and no, I have little lamps that I put on my front table during the fall & winter, so when it's really dark outside that portion of the house is still lit. And since we put new pot lights outside the porch is better lit so you don't miss seeing any light from inside when you drive up. The house still looks nice and warm. Of course if I were to buy a new door there would be some sort of window in it, but that was out of the financial equation!

Steph: Yes, it really does work and it's perfect for little messages, even the boys get in on the action!

Tawn: I totally agree!

Lisa: Yeah, but don't worry you might be getting something chalkboard-esk for your birthday ;)

Nadine said...

Wonderful idea, love it!!! Smart Man you have!

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