:: Park Time ::

:: Sunday night we headed over to the other side of the river and visited Paul's Parents {known sweetly as Anna & Papa - Jacob decided that Nana was too easy to say! Ha!} ::

:: They have a neat little park by their house that we walked to - It looks like a fabby little park but it is not built for kids younger than 5 - yes, that's right, it's for kids over 5 {there is even a sign that states that if you are not in good physical shape you shouldn't use the equipment}! If you were there you would understand why, there are cobwebs of rope and a slide without edges to keep you on it! It's a great little park, but it's not the kind of park that you can just let your kids have at 'er - you have to follow along and watch their every move...well what good is that?!!? ::

:: Here is Cole running up to the park, and Jacob & Unkie J behind the picnic table ::

:: Here are my boys on the spinning thingy - so sweet! ::

:: Cole loved this disk swing, he just relaxed and enjoyed the ride, so cute! ::

:: There are beautiful gardens at the park so while the boys were well taken care of by Anna, Papa, Unkie J and Daddy, I headed over to take some shots of the foliage ::

:: I've got a busy busy day around here --- I'm going to re-organize my pantry, catch up on laundry and then I've got a meeting this afternoon, hopefully the boys cooperate with all that I have going on! ::

:: I'll leave you with this is a verse that I had in my devotions on Provision Sunday and I wanted to share it with you to encourage you today as it blessed me ::

| When I pray, you answer me, and encourage me by giving me the strength I need |
| Psalms 138:3 |

:: Have a wonderfully fabulous day lovelies, enjoy the heat {or try to at least} -- I don't know about you but my office {aka: My Home} is not air conditioned and oy, I'm feeling the heat - Especially when I have tons to complete on my to-do list! ::

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