:: Yesterday ::

:: I missed posting yesterday, I was a goner! I was coordinator for a huge wedding at our church that took a lot longer than I thought, so that along with the heat just zapped me {Congrat's K+T}. Then I came home to two very happy but very tired little boys - Thanks Anna for taking such good care of them!. They needed naps but since it was late they ended up waking up after they usually are already in bed -- so then it was a challenge to get them back down again, and the heat, oh the heat! ::

:: I ran out last night and watered Grammie & Grampy's flowers and lawn as they are away right now. I also grabbed an Iced Americano on my way home from my favorite coffee shop ::

:: When I returned home I paid some bills {nothing like $44 gas bill for two months, gotta love the summer!}, chatted with Paul about our day, wrapped some gifts for today and then settled in to watch this movie - it's not new but it's quite cute ::

:: So today we have a ton on the go, we're heading first to a birthday pool party for a special 1 year old - it's the perfect day for a pool party ::

:: Then on to Princess Party for a beautiful 5 year old ::

:: Well lovelies --- I better go and get my biggest boy down for his rest before he's filled with chips, cake and chlorinated water! Have a fabulous day & stay cool! ::

:: Oh, and in case you read this and you live in my area and you watch the Bachelorette...YOU are invited to my place on Monday night to watch the finale --- If you don't know me well but would love to come, please do, I'd love to get to know you better! Just email me if you need my address {see the button on my sidebar}. Can't wait for Monday night, it's gonna be great! ::


jamiedelaine said...

$44 for two months?! SERIOUSLY? Gosh. Jealous. That's my bill for about 3-4 days lately!!!

swell news said...

If I lived near you, I would be there tomorrow night! I love the bachelorette!

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