:: The Bachelorette Episode No. 10 ::

:: Okay Lovelies - Sorry this is so late {both after the fact & in the day}, I really don't have much to say except this ::

:: REID is back?!?!? ::
:: Okay and this; so here's what I think. Reid was absent on the "Guys tell All" show. I think this is because he probably comes back and is ready to sell it all and be hers {well maybe not sell it all, but you know what I mean}. I so love love love Ed, but to support my bachelorette watching cohort I think that Reid might just have a really good chance at winning her back! ::

:: So who's ready for the finale and what do you think is going to happen? ::


Jessi said...

I hope that's not the case, I mean I guess weirder things have happened on the past few seasons of the show, but there's just been too much of the drama. I love ED! I haven't ever been much of a fan of Reid's-and like I said before, I don't like the fact that he can't make a decision to save his life. I don't think in the end she'd appreciate that side of him at all.

Nat said...

Hi Shawna,

I'm a friend of Christy's and I've been secretly checking out your blog for a while now. :o) Anyway, I just couldn't help but comment on your bachelorette post. I'm such an addict!! Anyway, I'm pretty sure Reid does come back. At the end of last weeks episode (on the "what's on next week" section) it showed the back of Reid's head with a different engagment ring than the one the other guys had. I can't wait to find out who she pics. Ed was my favorite but I think Reid and her make a better fit. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. . .

jamiedelaine said...

I think he'll get rejected again, but oohhhh MAN I just adore Reid. Oh sheesh. Can't even talk about him I love him too much. ;) SO I'M READY for the finale just to see his face for another two hours.

Laura said...

He's definitely coming back... but we've (Nadine, Crystal and I) have been speculating that he has more of a promise ring than an engagement ring. Might be a smart move! I feel bad for Jillian, it must've been so tough to let him go in the first place, but to have to do it again (if she does) will be awful! I do like them together, she's very natural around him. But I'm not sure if they have the same chemistry as she does with Ed and Kiptyn, and I think that's important to her!
I think Kiptyn is the one with the "big confession." I wonder what it is? :)
I think it'll be Ed in the end.
Cant' wait 'til Monday! :)

Nadine said...

I'm so excited for Monday night! It's going to be so much drama!! As Laura was mentioning, it seems to us that Reid is going to come back with a promise ring. I think he's a great guy and they definately have something, he's just not the most open or outgoing guy in the world. I totally understand why he wasn't able to profess his love for her in the short time that they have known each other. I mean, they don't get to spend everyday together and they don't talk on the phone, they just see each other when they are allowed. That would be hard to really get to know someone.

I like Ed and Kiptyn but there is something about Kiptyn that rubs me the wrong way, I don't know what it is.

Anyways, that's my thoughts. I'm really looking forward to Monday night, did I say that already! HA!

Tawn said...

OK - I've been waiting for this post!! I have a link on my site to yours, so my readers can make sure they get the proper low-down *GRIN*.

I posted my thoughts on my site ... but you KNOW I'm cheering for ED.



Lisa B. said...

I am an Ed fan all the way...love that guy!

Although I've had to catch up on the last few weeks via friends and web-updates and haven't seen the Jill/Reid connection in person I'm still rooting for Ed. Something about the way she talked about him at the "Men Tell All" just made it seem like she was so sold on him.

I think Kiptyn has lost his luster and it will certainly come down to Ed and Reid....and let's hope Reid wears his glasses!

Can't wait for Monday!

Lisa said...

Oh man! I can't believe I'm missing your finale shin-dig!!! I've been told that a few of the cabins at Nanoose have TV's... a girl can dream, right? Cami will be recording it for me but I so look forward to all the feedback throughout the week!!! We all know I LOVE Reid but if Jillian doesn't choose him, Jamie he's ALL yours!!! I'm just a married woman who has a wee bit of a TV crush:) Have fun Monday night Ladies!!!

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