:: Provision Sunday ::

:: I don't usually post on Sunday's as it is supposed to be our "sabbath" {but sometimes it feels less like a sabbath more like a circus} --- anyway, Sunday is usually my day off from blog-land, running, deep cleaning {of the house} etc. But with this 30 day challenge I was thinking that I wanted to do something special for my Sunday posts so I've come up with "Provision Sunday" ::

:: This was a hard post to compose, not because I didn't have anything to post about but because provision in my life is SO prevalent. Let me write a side note to that statement; I am not worthy of this provision at all, in any way. But my Lord & Savior is my provider, for every need, want, desire He provides {not necessarily in my time, but provide He does!} ::

:: This particular provision, was not something that I had set out and asked for, nor thought that I wanted, it just kinda fell into my lap and voila - again He's covered my needs before I knew I had them! ::

:: Back about a month ago I was coming home from my run with my boys and I came across a dirty {but in perfect condition} micro fiber mop on my neighbours property. I picked it up and knocked on their door -- they weren't home, so I took it home so it would be safe until I saw them next. I saw them later that day and asked if it was theirs and they said no, and they didn't want it. So I took it home, washed the cloth and put it in my cleaning closet...not really sure how to use it {I'm a bucket and mop type girl oh, and a swiffer vac type girl} ::

:: Then about a week ago my parents were re-organizing their cleaning closet and came across a specialty wood/laminate floor cleaner that they had purchased but never used, nor would use it...so they asked if I would like it. I said that I wasn't sure if I would use it but would take it and pass it on to someone else if I don't use it ::

:: So that brings me to today when I was about to start cleaning my laminate floors, I pull down the Zep floor cleaner {all 4 litres of it} and my bucket, then I proceed to read the directions and I don't have to dilute the solution, I have to put it in a spray bottle and spray it on my floor and wipe with a dry {you guessed it} micro fiber mop ::

:: I was so shocked at the fact that not only did I get this huge bottle of cleaner for free, I also got the matching mop for free! I went and told Paul and he too couldn't believe it. But why should we be so shocked when God says that he will provide for all of our needs? I guess I take that literally -- I just need water and a cotton cloth to clean my floors, not a specialty micro fiber cloth and floor shine! But God wants to provide and bless us over and above, and let me tell you that if He wants to bless me with more than water to clean my floors, He wants to do SO much more in my life! ::

:: I hope you enjoyed this first "Provision Sunday" and if you have any stories of provision that you would like to share feel free to leave the story in my comments section or use my picture to have your own "Provision Sunday" on your blog. These are the types of things we need to speak about more often, it encourages our walks with Christ and reminds us that He truly wants to care for us, we just need to be ready to receive ::


Anita said...

What an encouraging post! I love how God truly knows our smallest of needs and shows us in such simple ways how He's watching over us.

Thanks for sharing! I like this "Provision Sunday" idea. Reading and focusing on how Jesus has provided in our lives will also help encourage others & speak prophetically into their lives & how He will provide for them too!

I think I might just have to borrow your box and do a post of my own ;)

susan said...

Wowee Wow! I think we (I) have a tendancy to forget God in the little things but you've helped me to re-focus.
God doesn't just provide the "big ticket" items, like money for a unexpected car repair. He provides pull-ups from a co-worker whose son doesn't need them any more & knows you'll eventually be potty training or free potatoes & carrots (from the Farmer's Market no less)when your fridge is empty because you just got back from holidays.

I need to give God more credit when these things happen & thanks Shawna for making me stop & think about how much God does provide for us. I am so ungrateful -

Thank you Father for the little things, for the mop and for the carrots!

Crystal said...

Great post Shawna..perfect Sunday post;)

Joanne said...

Ha! Who knew?! God is good. All the time. I love that He plans surprises for us....just to let us know He cares.

The Samy's said...

What a great idea girl! God is so good.

jamiedelaine said...

Too cool Shawna!

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