:: Seriously ::

:: I was going to schedule this post for tomorrow but I couldn't wait for your responses...so here ya go, two posts in one day. I know, I'm living on the edge {again}! ::

:: Do you ever have those weeks where you are eating the right stuff, drinking tons of water and you still end up having a horrible zit and awful hair?!?! Well, this week has been one of those weeks, of course no one would say {at least I hope not!} that I look poorly or that I look "off", but I feel "off" this week ::

:: So I thought I would post this fancy little gadget I saw on t.v. a little while ago...Hysterical! I don't know if I would ever use one but maybe it would help me with my physical funk I'm in, at least it would be worth a try, no? ::

:: They are called "bumpits" and they do just that, you put them under a layer of your hair and they give your hair volume, when you don't have the time to back-comb it or don't have enough hair to give the proper volume ::

:: I would use one of these; well I may not really use it, but it would make life a whole lot easier - ha ha! ::

:: And you know what they say "the bigger the hair the closer to God" - okay, well maybe that's what they say in the South, but I've brought it out North and I apply that rule on almost a daily basis ;) ::

:: So, what do you do when you are in a funk? Give me cheap easy things I can do --- going out to buy a new outfit to make myself feel better is out of the question! ::

* * *

:: Sorry about the pink font, but I thought it was appropriate as we're talking girl talk around here today ::


Kristin said...

I want the Bumpits!!!!

Meg Baxter said...

I have wanted one of these for so long. I have a flat spot right on the crown of my head that constantly requires backcombing when my hair is in an updo. I think this is awesome!

Lisa B. said...

I have seen these advertised on TV and laugh every time...they have mini ones too!

I say an at home pedicure is a good way to perk yourself up....cute feet in the summertime always adds to feeling good!

Sarah said...

Keira just saw the picture, she says, she likes the bump ups, they make your hair prettier, you can put them in your bangs and even if you have short hair! Yeah we've seen that commercial a few times! LOL!!!
I would try them for sure!

Shawna said...

Ha Ha Ha -- You girls crack me up, maybe I'll just have to order some and let y'all know how they work?!?!?!

Christy said...

Ha....I've seen the commercial a few times and have ALMOST bought some because we all know how much time I love to spend on my hair :)

Shawna said...

no doubt Christy!

The Samy's said...

Haha, thats funny! I saw them the other day and thought ooooooohhh, maybe this ill help with the mornings that I don't get a chance to touch my hair.
As for a little pick me up, I would say buy a little fun necklace or earrings. You can get some cute ones for $5 at H&M!

Nadine said...

I've seen these on TV, and the big one the "Hollywood Bumpit" is quite OUT THERE but if you can pull it off then more power too you!!

If you buy them, you know we will need before and after pics!

susan said...

It's a little too "pagent hair" for me but to each their own. Having said that though, my hair might need a bit more "pagent" and a little less "busy mom of 2".

A pick me up? Call a friend, it usually works for me. (and dang, it's cheap!) So, hey, just call me...I'll let you know how wonderful you are. But see my recent blog post...our conversation will likely be interrupted by multiple loo breaks!

Laura said...

Okay, I want one of those! I love volume! And since I'm growing my hair out, I'm noticing that it's getting heavier... and flatter :(
I would love to hear about it if you buy one! And I'll let you know if I do... :)

When I need a little pick-me-up I love to read. To just get into a good book and disappear into the story for awhile... take the focus off of whatever the current situation is! Or even if there isn't a bad situation, it's just nice and relaxing :) I also like frappes - 1/4 pump caramel, 1/4 pump white chocolate. yum

Nadine said...

I'm not really big on big hair. But those are pretty neat!

When it comes to a pick me up, I always like a cup of tea and some quiet time (most times it's only about 30 mins). It just gets me back to reality and helps to clear my vision of myself.

Crystal said...

What to do when in a funk..I love to go for a walk with my ipod and get some fresh air:) and yes as laura said..a frapp always helps..and since you are walking its justified;!
or watching a good chick flick with a yummy glass of wine..a perfection:)

Anonymous said...

Just saw that Claire's is the 'exclusive Canadian distributor' for Bump-Its and they're way cheaper that the info-mercial. May be worth checking out.

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